Wet room

Finally, after waiting 21/2 years for the funding to come through, I have my wet room!!!

It is absolutley gorgeous and so easy to use the shower now. I am absolutely loving it.
If anyone is considering doing it, all I can say is GO FOR IT


That’s excellent news Belinda, it’s been a long wait. Glad it’s sorted at last.


Oh yes I agree, I got my little bathroom converted to a wetroom a couple of years ago, I was struggling so much with the way it was, Now it is safe and so much easier, and it looks good too.


Hi Belinda, so glad you are sorted, your new wet room sounds fab. Cheryl:)


That is good news

Hi Belinda

Great news! I am so pleasd for you.


Hi Belinda

Very pleased about your wetroom and a little disgusted at the time delay.

Luxuriate - often.



wooww thats great, would love to have one of them, they look sooo cool.

Hi belinda, that`s great news. My wet room is marvelous too. The MS society helped me pay for it.

luv Pollx

Anyone out there who has had bathroom converted to a wetroom recently? would you mind telling me the cost, we have been quoted £18,000, seems an enormous amount to invest in a rented property, views please

I could get two wetrooms and a greenhouse for £18,000. My wetroom cost £6,600 three years ago. Survey and Specification of Works prepared by Charted Quantity Surveyor. Work carried out by Local Authority approved contractor. Concrete floor, using existing plumbing and wiring. I suggest you get some more quotes. Regards, Anthony

Ours cost £9,500 but the old bathroom needed a lot of work done to it anyway.

It does depend on exactly how much work you need doing. But £18,000 is a huge amount to spend on rented property.

I had my wet room done in dribs and drabs. We first converted the old original 1960s bathroom and loo to one, and turned it into a shower room with a cubicle.

Then later (when I couldn’t use the shower cubicle anymore) turned it into a wet room, but additionally changed the shape of the room, thereby giving me space to get in the room in a wheelchair, and simultaneously changing the entrance to the main bedroom, again making it suitable for a wheelchair.

This year, we’ve replaced the floor and lowered the sink and worktop, plus replaced cupboards and done a couple of other bits.

I don’t think we’ve spent £18,000 on it over the past 11 years (since we moved in) with all these different bits of work. And we own the house and are not planning to move from it.

Have you approached Social Services for financial help? Or would you not qualify on income grounds?