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Hello every one

iv’e had a manic week this morning i woke up feeling exhausted and weak and sickly must have done too much. its been non stop hospital appointments and parents evening and things that iv’e had to do, so today im having a rest and this afternoon iv’e got the OT coming to assess me for a wet room i hope that she says yes, it would make life so much easier. Has anyone else had the OT approve a wet room?

Michelle x

Hello Michelle.

We had one approved by OT last October. The work is starting on May 4th. She seemed to think that any notion of a step up into the shower was unacceptable. She also thought a slightly bigger shower area and half length doors wth curtains was appropriate too. She wasn’t too bothered about any sort of proof of disability and used her own assessment as I showed her the various ways I do things. Clinging to the side of the shower cubicle as I made the giant leap seemed a bit extreme. It was left up to us to arrange the estimates from the builders and setting the date which is always needs a bit of patience and persistence-talking to answer machines etc. It wasn’t the most difficult of processes-not like getting ESA, council tax discount, child tax credits, early retirement through ill health, carer’s allowance blah blah blah!!!

Best wishes, Steve. x

Hope you get the wetroom Michelle,it will make life a bit easier for you, i would love one,i have a walk in shower at the moment its 5 years old this year,so next time we have to update we will look into a wetroom.

​J x

Yes Michelle I’ve had one.

It took about 6 or so months from the assessment… but was worth waiting for. I love it!

It took 10 working days to install as it’s quite a big job… putting the floor and drainage in was the biggest job I think.

They then painted it and put down none-slip flooring (choice of colours).

Let me know if you have any questions.

Pat xx

Good luck Michelle, I hope you get it.

Nina x

Hi Michelle,

im getting assessed as well soon for a wet room, so keep us up to date with your status with it, and I’ll do the same!

polly xxxx

Thanks for replying everyone

I’m just waiting for the paperwork she said we may have to make a contribution as Lee is working, I was a bit concerned because she seemed to be thinking too far ahead about needing the doors widened and needing to use a chair indoors, i must admit i found it a bit depressing i use my power wheelchair outdoors but still manage with crawling wall walking and falling inside.

Michelle x

Good luck with it Michelle

Hiya Michele, the OT we had, approved a wet room, the council approved company duly arrived to take measurements etc, they said that the council agreement was needed firstly, then payment-which is means tested-the minimum time would have been in the region of ten months, and would start after the Christmas period. I made an offer of cash in hand, the wet room was completed in four holiday days prior to Christmas, we chose the tiles and colour of floor we wanted, not the standard white tiles and coloured floor required by council, Brian

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