Disabled facility's grant

Hi, does anyone know what you have to pay when you have adaptations done in your home(wet room and stair lift) It’s been agreed, that the works will be done, I know it’s means tested, but so far have not been asked to prove income etc? Any ideas welcomed. Thank you xxxx

Hi Shellie

Nice to hear from you. Hope you are doing ok?

We live in a housing association bungalow and the wet room and adaptations were done free. My OT arranged it.

Hope you don’t have to pay too much for yours.

Shazzie xx

I had an OT out yesterday, as far as she knows even people who work part time have to pay a certain amount, so even though my hubby works… And doesn’t earn a fortune, and we don’t have any savings … Looks like if I want work doing we would have to rob a bonk ? XX

I had my bathroom converted to a wet-room last year.

A rep from the local council visited first and means-tested me, with the result that I had to pay about 70% of the conversion cost out of my own savings.

I suppose everyday is a rainy day in the bathroom now …so that is what my savings were for ?!!


Tilly, rob a bonk? Haha, made me smile. Xx Dom, what I don’t get is, this process has been going on since April, A guy came today to measure and put 3 quotes out to tender, but as of yet I haven’t been means tested, like they said I would be? I don’t work (retired at 47) My husband does work. They guy was a bit confused too. He said because I’m in a housing association house, maybe the housing association is applying for the grant from the local borough council on behalf of me??? I need to know before, and I would of thought, all this would of been sorted before the builders arrive. I don’t even know the cost of the works, I certainly don’t want a bill for £1,000’s Thank you all xxxxx

Hi Shellie

Have you contacted the Council to ask for an OT to visit. I know that I am in a Housing Association House but I know people who have a mortgage contact the council to discuss.

Just for your info we were told that our wet room costed £3,600. There is no way we would have been able to fork out that much.

Good luck with it.

Shazzie xx

Thanks Shazzie, Yes OT been, it’s all approved, having the work done soon, but no word about the cost from anybody? Xxxxx

Hope you get it sorted and that you won’t have to pay too much!!

Shazzie xx

Thanks Hun xxxx

Shellie… I hadn’t noticed I had put bonk, I had a giggle lol

Tilly 2,

Are you sure you’re not really Officer Crabtree (the ‘Poloceman’) from 'Allo 'Allo ?!!



Tilly 2,

Are you sure you’re not really Officer Crabtree (the ‘Poloceman’) from 'Allo 'Allo ?!!


[/quote] Nooooooo, but I must get a little hand put on this watch lol

Haha oh it’s so good to laugh xxx

Hubby just said… " it’s a good job I didn’t put I’d have to bonk rob" :-o lol Lynn xx

Hahaha Lynn, sitting feeling crap, now I’m lol xxxx thank you

Hi Lynn ! XX

Sorry! Feeling tired blame MS bye for now all xxxx

Hi, we had a DFG twice. The first was for a wet room floor. we were advised to ask MSS for a grant. They ever so generously paid the whole 2k for us.

In 2011, I needed a ceiling hoist. means test came up with the council paying £1,800 and we had to find £1,200…no savings, so the goold guys at MSS obliged again.

Now we are needing a new shower/dry loo and the floor has collapsed in parts, so needs fixing.

I will have to be means tested again, but still got nowt squirrelled away.

The rules state that if you have less than 6k in savings, you dont have to contribute!

luv Pollx

That’s not strictly true, Poll. We have zero savings but as my husband was working we have to pay £1400 towards the ground floor adaptation that we are having. We own our home. After my hub lost his job and became my full-time carer I rang the local authority to ask to be reassessed as we now have much less coming in, but was told that this would mean the whole process would go back to the beginning, and planning applications, quotes etc would all have to start again - a process that’s taken nearly a year already? I can’t believe this is true and I’m going to write and complain about this. I’ve applied to the MSS but still haven’t heard a decision and I’ve been waiting for over 6 months. Which isn’t a great situation when you’re ill and stress makes you feel worse.