Disabled facilities grants

I have been trying to get a disabled facilities grant and am having problems.

I have asked for a downstairs toilet and bidet and some other things.

After a lengthy process I have now been told I will have to be means tested to qualify.

After a lengthy process I have now been told I will have to be means tested to qualify.

I get the higher rate of mobility and care under pip.

Has any one else had this sort of experience.

no but which country do you live in? i have an elderly lady who I am trying to teach how to use a computer, her daughter is the biggest pain in the ar@@@@ she doesn’t know anything about IT so assumes her mum cant learn they had some adaptations done and had to pay forr them i fell broke my hip and had the OT come in a put stuff in my home i wasnt means tested i live in glasgow.

In England you have to pay all or some of the costs according to your income or household savings over £6,000. Disabled Facilities Grants: What you'll get - GOV.UK

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But how much do you have to contribute if you have more than £6000 ?

We do have savings.

My wife is a pensioner but still works and I live on a state pension and PIP

Your Borough or Country Council website will have details on how much you’ll have to pay.

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Going through DFG for a stairlift. Well what a joke it is.

We have been told that we are high priority because of our situation. We need it now, not in 2 months time as they say it might take that long. If I go direct to a company they will come out do a survey and fit it this week, complete.

So why the delay having a grant. Makes me sick the way these departments operate. Perhaps if I do a Simon Cowell it might hurry things up.

They counted one birthday cheque as income…that is the point at which we gave up and paid for it ourselves, should have done that in the 1st place18 months earlier, then they had the nerve to ask if they could come and have look!..I wanted to send them an appointment (for a Sat morning). My advice would be get it done yourself, exactly how you want it. They will probably count the income as joint and your savings and of course any brthday gifts!

If we had the money the stairlift would be in. Like most things, it comes down to money

They`re very quick when they want something or you owe them. So what about us ?

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