Morning all, Quick question. What do you think my chances are of getting a disabled facilities grant from the council are when my wife earns £40k a year? We don’t have any savings and only own 40% of the house? Any help or advice would be greatly recieved.


I don’t know but you could look here Disabled Facilities Grants: Eligibility - GOV.UK or ring your local council.

Good luck

Jan x

Thank you Jan. I just wanted to know before I filled in a massive form, I’ll take a look at that website though.

You’re welcome, hopefully someone who has had a grant will advise or offer their experiences.

Jan x

To receive any money in a grant, be prepared to declare all your out goings and income. Obviously they want to know if you can afford to do the work any other way.

Yes, they counted £100 cheque (birthday present, in hubbies account as income!)

Ah OK. Thanks all for your replies. I’ll just put my name down for it. You never know.