Disabled Facilities Grant

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all doing well.

Just wondering if anyone knew anything about DFG’s.

I have someone visiting me from OH next week to do an assessment on my house to see what areas need doing as I have an electric wheelchair on order following a couple of nasty relapses.

The problem I have is that we live a fair distance away from family and friends and during the last relapse this caused a problem as my wife works part time and couldnt not work as without her money coming in we are up s**t creak without a paddle. All our family live within 5 minutes walk of each other and want us to move near to them. The problem we have is that the house prices are higher. I have read that Grant do consider moving you if it means you get more support from family etc but it doesnt say how etc. We do have some equity in the property but then wouldnt be able to afford the repayments. And even then we would only be able to afford a very small property that wouldnt be suitable.

Anyone have any knowledge or advice? :smiley:


Hi Steve,
I don’t know if DFG would help with relocation but I just wanted to say that I understand your dilemma.
Housing issues are a huge problem when your earning potential is zero!
I had a lovely house but it was totally unsuitable for me. (stairs, steep drive, steps to the garden etc) There wasn’t enough equity to buy somewhere else outright and I couldn’t get another mortgage. Long story short - I’ve just moved into a council bungalow which has been totally adapted for my needs. I know that in most areas council properties are like hens teeth but I waited only a few weeks. With medical priority you might find a solution too.