I need advice please, hubby and I separated before Christmas and we have put the house on the market. The house I’m in just isn’t suitable for me because of my disability and I’m finding it very hard to find somewhere disabled friendly to live. I have been to local council who advised going on to Homeseeker plus website. I have also considered shared ownership and private renting but that is far to expensive and I have pets and on benefits. I just don’t know what to do next. Can anyone suggest any thing. Otherwise I am going to have to buy a large tent and live in a field.

I don’t know where you live, but also try getting yourself on lists for housing associations. If you have filled in the housing form and stated your “need to move” - in your case health - then that should bump you up the list. Be prepared to think outside the box - can you move to cheaper area?

It may take time. I too am on benefits and was on lists for 4 years, until my partner and I were offered adapted bungalow. He moved from London, where the lists are 40 years long!!! If you are on your own now - how about downsizing and consider a flat?