Hi everyone, not posted or a while but am a long standing member. My private landlord has just served me notice after 11 years to be out by end of March, she’s decided to sell. Looks like I’m going to be homeless and severely disabled, my MS is now severe. Don’t think local council will be able to help, been on the housing register for 3 years waiting for a suitable property. Private landlords won’t take DSS people, my landlord only continued to let me stay because I was well when I commenced the tenancy. I’m trying to consider residential care, but I don’t think that’s even an option. I’m only 54! Any advice or understanding would be good. Going further downhill very quickly!!

you should have an advice agency with your local authority.

CAB and Welfare Rights are excellent.

also talk to your GP and ms nurse just because you may need evidence of your disability.

stress will make you go downhill but you appear to be stuck in a stressful situation.

hope you get advice and support.

let us know how you get on.

carole x

I have no useful advice, but sending big hugs

You need to ring welfare rights,they will advise you,you can google to get the number of your local one.Also get in touch with your local MP and tell them of your situation and how ill you are with the MS,ask for a supporting letter from your GP too.

I got our local MP on board when my daughter had to be out of her private rented house and she has a special needs child,she was put as high priority from low within a week but it was 10 month before she got a lovely new build with an housing association.Good luck i hope you get some help with it.