Hi im having a few problems im living with my husband on a first floor flat, were on the council list but they think its ok where im living HA WHAT A JOKE! so ive heard there is housing for people with m.s, is there? and where can i start to look to find out about it? if anyone can help plz do, im pulling my hair out!!!

hi selina

have you been into the housing office for a face to face meeting?

have you tried the housing associations?

have you got a social worker?

sorry i don’t have any advice but i know there have been other people going through this so hopefully one of them will see this and respond with good advice.

i’ll keep bumping you up

carole x

I suppose all councils work differently but here in Leeds a great deal of notice was made of my difficulties caused by MS. I filled in the standard application form and was visited to be assessed for Medical Priority. I got top priority because the house I was living in was totally unsuitable (Bad access, I couldn’t use my wheelchair etc) I had no problems getting this rating. I could then “bid” for suitable properties and was offered a bungalow in a very short space of time.

If the council are not priorotising your application you might be waiting ages. How about getting some support from an OT, your GP, local councilors, your MP etc.