Trying to move out!

Hi Everyone,

im writing today out of total desperation and frustration. I was diagnosed at 20, so before I could even establish an independent life. From then until now, it remains a huge priority. Because now over a decade on I still live at home! This is just so depressing I can’t even describe! As of 2.5 or more years, I’ve been on a council housing list. Private housing won’t allow the freedom to modify the house to my needs (lowered units, wet room etc). I’m saying house but I mean bungalow which are few and far between. I use a chair “got to get an electric one.” Sigh. I just want to move on in life. This is not helping the self esteem. Anyone have any ideas?

Hi Deejay. The CAB - Citizens Advice Bureau I think can help with this.

They may know of charities that can help and private housing that has already been adapted with wet room and lowered units.


I found the Scope website which might be of use? It has a list of accessible housing organisations and a free helpline. Free confidential helpline on 0808 800 3333

Hi you need to get in touch with your local MP you can get there email address on google,just type in MP in your area you can email them and ask them to support you in applying for a council house,we did it for my daughter she was in band C when the Mp got involved she was put into band A prority and with in months she had a house,within a week of contacting our MP we had more phone calls from the council they couldnt help us enough tell them you have MS and how it affects you write it all down before you email them thats what we did.good luck with it all.

Deejay, your situation is just totally rotten for you. If there were a good age to get MS, 20 wouldn’t be it - your point about not having had a proper go at establishing yourself in the working world rings so true. No bright ideas, I’m afraid - but wanted to say I really feel for you and hope that you find some suitable accommodation living independently of your family. However close and loving and family is, it is nice for everyone to have a bit of space of their own!