Somewhere to live ASAP

Hi all,

Im after some advice or help please ?? I have recently received my full diagnosis for MS and in the process of sorting PIP etc and am recieving ESA.

I recently moved into a shared house which i was really happy with and thought i was settled and comfortable, however the landlady suddenly decided yesterday to give me 2 weeks notice which has really thrown me :frowning:

I do not have the funds to just go and rent some where else and need some advice as to whether there are any friendly house shares around ?? Im located in Bristol but to be honest im not fussed where i live as long as its clean and friendly ?

If anyone has any advice they can offer i would be most grateful, Bristol city council seem totally uninterested in helping me and theres a huge lack of support for my situation so i would really like some advice ro help please ??

Many thanks


Oh Jay, I do feel sorry for you.

Surely this sudden and short notice from your landlady isnt legal, is it?

I would`ve suggested you contact your local authority asap…but there not helping.

There will be other housing associations locally, who could offer better help.

Give CAB a ring and ask about the legal side of things.


Hi Poll,

Unfortunately as it was a fairly informal agreement theres nothing i can do :frowning: Plus i dont want to create any more of an atmosphere to be honest as its upsetting enough.

It seems that local authorities arent interested in helping me at all and the total lack of support is unbelievable :frowning:

Im running out of options rapidly :frowning:


I don’t know if I’m right but I think local authorities have a care of duty in certain circumstances. It is normally if your health would be at significant risk if you were NFA. Obviously this would depend on your current health? X

I should have put that this applies to emergency housing x

I hope so Star.


Just another thought, ask the MSS if they have any advice?


Thanks both am trying everything but not much response as yet :frowning:

Get in touch with your MP,you can google who they are,you can email them or ring them and explain your situation and they will help you,they will get in touch with your local housing dept and kick ar**.

good luck

J x

Thank you mrs j will try :frowning:

Hi Jay. First of all I’m so sorry. You must feel so down about this.

I live in Bristol and live in council accommodation with my lovely family.

The council were disinterested at first but we rang daily which seemed to help.

You are being made homeless by your landlord and I know that the stipulation for being in need of council accommodation is being made homeless. Our home was repossessed so we were in that being made homeless category.

Keep ringing the council and keep stipulating that you will be homeless. The constant barrage of calls we made seemed to do the trick. You are definitely eligible for emergency housing. Keep on to them Jay.

I really hope you get some help.

Shazzie xx

Hi Shazzie,

Many thanks for the post, have tried the council and they seem totally un interested due to me being a single male ( regardless of my health situation )

Im going to go to the customer walk in center later and give that a try but not holding out much hope, the last 18 months have been hell and finally getting my diagnosis i thought i could try and get on and manage things but it all seems to be getting worse and i have little or no support around me, seems its the " im alright jack " syndrome from most people :frowning:

Guess ill try and battle on but rapidly running out of energy and fight to be honest :frowning:

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I promise you the council said that to us firstly. I think they try and put people off to shorten their waiting lists.

South Glos Council helped us in the end so we live in Longwell Green now.

What about your GP to help with getting you help. Have you tried that?

Get as many people as you can to back you up.

Also sorry about your diagnosis but we are all here for you.

Shazzie x

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Yeh im gonna try them all, my doctor only works 2 days a week so its virtually impossible to get an appt :frowning: I will try though, just seem to be coming up against brick walls all the time :frowning:

We felt like that at the time when everyone kept saying we weren’t eligible then out of the blue there was a phone call saying there was a property available. Keep on saying that you have MS.

Good luck.


Please dont under estimate the power you MP will have regarding the housing,i got in touch with ours as my daughter was getting nowhere with the council at all, she was low priority and it would have taken years… our Mp got involved and within 4 weeks she was high priority and got an offer of a house a few months later,they will fight your corner thats what they do.

J x


Have you tried the Bath YMCA ? Go and talk to them - explain your situation.

Best wishes


there’s a web site rent my room i used it once got a room same day nice clean good people in shared house quite cheap to could be worth a look

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Hiya Jay, that’s terrible she’s given you 2wks to find another place to stay, bloody awful infact! I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with this ontop of a recent diagnosis, your head must be all over the place just now. I don’t live in Bristol, I’m up in Scotland so our local authorities do vary a bit but I’m sure the fact you’re classed as disabled from MS, this makes you vulnerable and therefore the council should have a duty of care to find you emergency housing due to you being made homeless through no fault of your own. I know with our own council, you’ve got to keep on at them like Shazzie says or they’ll just fob you off as best they can. Don’t let them though. I know it’s hard & you’ll be starting to feel defeated almost but don’t give up. Keep phoning them daily, make a pest of yourself stressing you’re being made homeless. I don’t know if you’ve already tried but have you contacted Shelter for advice? They can help you and help assist you with the homeless procedure you almost have to go through with the council. I’ve copied the Bristol shelter page link but I duno if it’ll work when I click this post. Have a look at their website and give them a call, I’m sure it said they have an office 5mins walk from a bus depot in the city centre so you could go an speak to them in person aswell. They’re the perfect organisation to help you with this. Your landladys a bitch. Heartless cow actually! Keep us posted how you get on man, good luck! x

the main website has way more info than what’s on that page I copied - i made an arse of copying the link to my post. Have a look at their main website, they help with claims for council tax/housing benefits, template letters for deposit applications etc