hi, im at a point i have no idea wat to next…

im 38, was diagnosed with MS when i was 23, tho had symptoms a long time b4. in recent times my MS has been under control of sorts. these past few months ive been fighting a loosin battle.

i live in a private rented place ( b4 the spare room fiasco), with my husband. i have athritas all over n have been having facet joint injections and denervination. it helps my pain a little, but doesnt last n hurts like mad to get it done.

i am having great difficulty using our stairs n bathroom(got a bath chair but prefer to go to the in laws to use the wet room!), and is just getting worse.

we have been on the housing list a fair while, n ive had to work hard to get re-assessed n got band c acute need

they have changed the banding and point system and we r now band c, med medical need!!

we have been biddin on bungalows,as its ideal-no stairs and perhaps a wet room if im lucky.

the council have told me that a housing association owns the bungalows in my area,and their rules state bungalows are for the over 50s, and im too young to qualify to get one. i was also told im not to bid on them as ill b overlooked!!!

i wrote to my MP, and forwarded the response from the council. ill b resending, just to make sure…

the properties i do get and can bid r usually on a 1st floor, in in bad areas.

we also need out and in to a council property as or HB went down and the landlord put the rent up. thats where my care componant goes, as well as payng fo my laptop…


hi catnips

i dont have any knowledge on these matters but this just bumped you to the top

carole x

Hi Catnips.

We live in a council bungalow.

I know you have to be homeless to apply for council accommodation.We were able to apply because my hubby lost his job through redundancy and our home was repossessed. I’m not sure how you stand being a private tenant.

It takes a while but don’t lose heart. You will get there in the end. It took about 6mths for them to rehome us.

PM me if you need any more info about the process.

Good luck.

Shazzie xx

Homelessness is not the only way to be considered for social housing. I wasn’t homeless but my accommodation was totally unsuitable so I had a priority on medical grounds. Ground floor accommodation is scarce and bungalows even more so. My mum lives with me so I needed a 2 bedroom property and lots of weeks there was nothing to bid on.

Bunglows here with an age limit for elderly people are also available if you are younger and disabled I am surprised your housing association doesn’t have a similar policy. You have done the right thing to draw this to the attention of your MP – perhaps they can intervene on your behalf.

I was very lucky because I was offered a property after only a few weeks but there have been many people on here who have waited ages. Shazzie is right – even though it takes a while you will get there in the end.

Keep on bidding.


Jane is right Catnips. Keep on bidding. I was told by the housing officer that the more you bid the higher up the list you go.

Have to say though the first property offered was a ground floor flat then we started bidding again after 12 months on bungalows and was offered one.

I really hope you get help with this from your MP.

Shazzie xx

Hello Catnips. I was just wondering if you are getting any support from your gp/ms nurse in support of your application. Perhaps you should have a word with them. All the best…I hope you find a suitable place soon.

Devil’s advocate here. What would happen if you could no longer afford your rent; if your landlord evicted you would you become homeless? Stay with in-laws (with the wet room) as an emergency measure? Do you then become even higher priority? Just a thought. So many undeserving people ‘play’ the system. It may not be entirely honest but the outcome is clearly necessary.

hi guys, thanks for all ur advise :slight_smile:

my MS nurse is involved and having the same problem i have had,they rnot really bothered…

i had an app today to see a lady who is from the disability drop in centre, ddic. they r in my council offices, r regularly. she will eem meet us in a coffee house nearby to where i live! shes a lovely lady, n i may have good news yet :slight_smile:

i was v dishearted when i was told as all the banding had ben leveled, things r now different, ie i was band b, now c, was acute med need, now medium med need…meaning my assessments were a waste of time! may get reviewed, think amanda gonna go to town on them!! i will give her my permission to take cntrol of the situation as i burst into tears knowing i have to start from the beg again!!

here, the council own 0 bungalows. they belong to a housing ass and its rule 55+ stands appaently. amanda said they r too big to fight …

as my banding changed i now cant bid on anything as all the properties r unsuitable, ie, 2nd floor!!!

my mp recently announced shes standin dow, but not for a while. ill send another email updating her n see if that helps. amanda vouched for her :slight_smile:

lynda x

Just wanted to add something to the post about homelessness. It is true that a local authority has a duty to find accommodation if you are truly homeless BUT it does not help you to get the sort of accommodation that you want/need. They can fulfill their obligation by using hostels and bed and breakfast. From there you would enter the bidding process in exactly the same way. You would not get any sort of priority because you were homeless – because you wouldn’t be – you’d be in a grotty hostel or bed and breakfast. Getting evicted from your private rental is not the way to go.

It sounds as though getting a bungalow in your area is going to be a stretch. What’s the situation like with flats? If there is a lift a flat is as good as a bungalow. Maybe you can’t get your perfect solution but how good is second best? How do other disabled people fare with social housing in your area. There must be other people under 55 who need level accommodation.

I think you should try really hard to get some support on your side. You have tried the MP , what about local councilors? They are usually very helpful on local matters. Spend a little time getting your ducks in a row so that you can present your case succinctly. Councilor’s surgeries are full of people rambling on, be the one who has it all in bullet points on one side of A4. You can usually find out where and when the surgeries are on your local council website.