I need some advice. I’ve had a whole reel of symptoms over the last 3 years which my GP has come up with separate diagnoses for but I’m no longer convinced. I had a balance test which confirmed a 61% deficit in my right ear. I also have constant tinnitus and have lost some of my hearing. My eyesight deteriorated and I had to have laser surgery to stop my pressures building. I constantly have spasms in my legs that are uncontrollable and suffer from a patch on my back that feels like it has pubs and needles all the time. I sometimes have trouble swallowing and my speech is slurring more and more. I have memory and cognitive problems. I’m always tired. Recently I am having trouble with my waterworks which I thought was cystitis but all my urine tests came back clear. I don’t sleep very well at all. I’m changing GP in the hope that the new one will listen to me. I had a MRI ages ago which came back with no lesions but I’m missing the nerve sheet from the top of my brain and no one looked at my spine at all. Should I push for a new round of tests for MS?

Whirling dervish, (love your ‘handle’ btw)

One very important thing that MSers learn is not to assume every single thing is because of MS. However if I was you I would need a lot more info than you’ve been given. See your new GP and politely discuss the possibility of further tests to a) put your mind at ease and/or b) to receive treatment if necessary. Hope it all works out really well for you.

Tippy x

Hi Tippy, thanks for your response. Let’s hope a new GP can give me answers! :relaxed::relaxed:

I would add to Tippys message, politely ask for a referral to a neurologist. They can do a full neurological exam and refer you for tests as appropriate.