Advice needed

Hi. I’ve just joined the forum. I am seeking advice. For the last 6 weeks or so, I have experienced tingling, numbness and what I can only describe as a "bubbling sensation in my fingers and hand, and, occasionally my feet. I have really bad back pain at the base if my spine and sometimes it feels like a spasm. I have chronic fatigue for the last week also. Do members think I need to have this checked. I’m in a bit if a panic as my daughter (now 26) was diagnosed with MS 2 years ago and started with the same symptoms I’m experiencing. Many thanks

See your GP, they will do some neuro tests and refer you.

you really need to see you GP.

there are loads of things it could be as well.

hope your daughter is doing well.

carole x

Thanks guys. I’ll book a GP appointment tomorrow.

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Hi. I managed to get a GP appointment. She’s starting with blood tests first (which I’ve now had). Then we’ll go from there. I have a follow up appointment for the results on Tuesday next week. Jo.