DFG grant

can anybody clarify if it is mandatory to have an individual assessment when/ befor applying for a grant given our changing worsening condition?


We’ve just been approved for a DFG from our local council. I’m on DLA higher grades and was assessed by the OT who came round to the house and chatted about my needs. We then had a means test and the full grant was approved. I think all an experienced OT needs to do is look at your needs. It took its time but we’re on the way to arranging a date with the contractors.

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I haven’t seen you here before, so if you’re new welcome. If not then please don’t think me ignorant, just brain dead! Proving my cognitively challenged state please could you tell me what a DFG Grant is. If it’s one to get necessary work done to the house then like Steve, my OT arranged mine. My grant was approved quickly but it took months to get the tradesmen arranged and work done. All of this was also done by the OT. If I remember, all I had to do was sign a form proving that it was my house and I agreed to the work.

Hope that helps.

Cath x

Is this to do with the accident you had? If so maybe you should seek advise from somewhere like the CAB or a solicitor.

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Jan x

Hi Cath, yes I’m new on here, so thank you for my welcome.a DFG is the home improvement grant

" Disabled Facility Grant ", I’ve had my grant work done, unfortunately I’ve had an accident due to wrong appliances in incorrect positions, turns out I was supposed to have an assessment to find my needs and requirements, this never took place and nobody will take responsibility

pi was wanting to know if it was deemed essential to have an assessment?

Sorry A.T. I don’t know what the protocol is for disabled facilities but I’d definitely recommend you see an OT. They know what they should supply and have loads of gadgets and tips for making life safer and easier. If you don’t have an OT I know in some areas like Cumbria you can self refer. Mine was quick to come and see me and when my dad got ill his referral never went through so I phoned adult services in the council offices and they saw him quickly too. They really know their stuff and I’ve found all the help I’ve been given to make my life much easier. It’s worth a phone call.

Cath x

I agree, give social services adult care team a ring and an ot will help.

Pam x