DFG grant

Does anybody know if you have to have an assessment before been awarded a DFG grant?

in 2013 I was awarded a grant, for adaptions in my new property, In 2014 I had an accident due to wrongly positioned equipment and the wrong appliances Installed

when I challenged the authorities about this matter, I was told that decisions had been made on a sliding scale on my previous assessments dating from 2006 to 2012 in my old property

Is this allowed?? As I’m a wheelchair user with pp Ms, a deteriorating condition, I would have thought a new assessment to decide what my need are would be compulsory not to mention common sense

can any one advise me on the procedures on this please

i have searched the net but there’s nothing define

ty in advance


l do not know the answer to this problem - but wanted to bump it up so it did not fall off the page - as l know some of you can help.

well, yes, of course it makes sense that someone with a progressive condition would need a fresh assessment EVERYTIME some new equipment or work is considered.

I have gone through separate assessments and means testing (if it is to be paid or part paid for by the user)

6 years is a very long time in the life of someone with ms or similar conditions.

Perhaps you need to consult a solicitor, or CAB.


Thank you

Anyone any more advice??