Hi folks

I applied for pip at the beginning of April last year heard nothing until the 25th of January when a letter from atos

Said I would be accessed at home on the 5th of February between 9th and 11 am on said date lady arrived at 9th sharp

Asked one or two questions filled in her form said I would hear in around six weeks time

Yesterday letter from dwp came informing me that I have have been awarded standard rate in both care and mobility.

So anyone who is scared to claim go on give it a go it’s not anything like a esa claim not nearly as stressful

Only thing is there is it sinks in that I’m really not as able as I was that’s scarey all the best g

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Glad you got the right result, even tho the whole process took so long!

Expect my turn sometime this year. Been on DLA since 2000.


i am still on incapicity benefit and i am waiting for the dreaded letter,i wish they would just send me the ESA forms then i could get it over and done with, i have DLA too and will have to reapply for that too, what i dont want is to have to get both lots to fill in at same time, and i think that might just happen,i dont want it all hanging in the air like it seems to be.grrrrrrrrrr

pleased you got the DLA great news.

J x

I’m seeking advice, I’m wheelchair user with pp Ms, in 2013 i had a DFG awarded and installed in to my new premises

i have had an accident and scalded my legs due to the wrong equipment installed at the wrong hight

​when I questioned the local council why the equipment had installed at this hight, apparently this was the recommendations made by my OT on previous assessments. The last assessment I had was in 2012 in my previous premises.

should I not have had a new assessment in my new premises since I have a degenerating condition before the DFG was applied for??