PIP awarded

Hi everyone, not been on here for a couple of years but I do keep up with you all.

I had a face to face at home on Tuesday 14th November , the gentleman was very nice and understanding but I had read about people thinking that it went well only to find that the person had written down a lot of different things so I was apprehensive about it all.

Well I got my PIP award letter yesterday, I was really scared about it all but it all went well. I have been awarded enhanced rate for the mobility which I was already getting and gone up to the enhanced rate for the daily living needs, I was on the medium rate on the DLA before, I’ve got them both for an ongoing period which I think is 10 yrs?!

I did think that it would be back dated to when I phoned them (September 28th) but it actually starts on January 3rd , is this normal?

I am so relieved that it’s all over, everyone kept saying I’d be fine but i just couldn’t get the thought out of my head that something was going to go wrong and I would have to appeal.


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Very relieved for you Lisa, it seems to be very much down to the assessor.

My initial assessment resulted in a complete rejection, changed to basic rates after MR and then re-reviewed and changed to enhanced when I was waiting for a tribunal date.

I’ve had another assessment since and the chap was nice and no problems encountered.

I think the stress involved is awful though so pleased yours went without any problems.

Sonia x

I have my assessment at home on December 18th, I’m dreading it, I get in such a muddle with what I’m saying when I’m nervous, at the moment I get enhanced DLA for both mobility and living, I’m not expecting that will be the case with PIP, my DLA was awarded for my life time I can’t really understand if it was awarded for life why that should change!

Nina x

I know exactly what you mean Nina, I’m the same, I get very nervous and tongue tied. Is there anyone going to be with you? my ot was with me and luckily my assessor did take in what he said as well .

I had them for life too, but I have got a lot worse since I was first given the care bit on DLA but I was still scared to change over to Pip, my idea was to keep under the radar until I had no choice.

I could say don’t worry Nina, it will be okay but I know that it’s still a scary process and there is always that niggling doubt, all I can say is good luck and I’ll be thinking of you.


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So pleased for you Lisa. Merry Christmas!

Thank you Lisa!

My husband will be with me…I’m trying to think what will be will be but goodness me I shall miss it if I lose it!

I use it to pay a cleaner and a gardener and also for biotin. I’ve become worse since I first had DLA in terms of weakness, fatigue and feeling so ill but in fact my walking has improved dramatically since I started taking biotin…the irony is though that even though my walking looks so much better I still can’t walk far due to being so continually weak!

I can’t recommend biotin highly enough, it’s amazing,

Thanks for your reply, it helps to know that everyone on here understands.

Take Care,


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I am worried sick too Nina,i have not even had letter to start the transfer to PIP but im loosing sleep over it.It doesnt help that the new neuro i see now thinks i have ‘benign’ ms now,after been told years ago i was secondary progressive.I have had MS 26 yr now and i am housebound due to feeling so ill all the time,but he still insists i am ‘benign’ my bowel and bladder is affected badly,i have severe vertigo i can only walk a few yards and have cognitive decline,i have not been able to drive for 7 yrs and my other half gave up his job to be my carer,so i wouldnt say i am benign,the reason he thinks i am benign is i do not show any signs of neurological damage,so how the heck will i be able to get PIP,i doubt very much i will.I feel as though they think i am making up how bad my MS is and i dont have the strength to fight them.i think i will have to sell my house if they stop my DLA.

MrsJ - the neurologists are not contracted by the DWP to deal with PIP - the GPs are paid £33 to do this. PIP is not about your

condition either SPMS or benign MS - but about how this condition affects your daily life. So about functionality. You have

explained that your cannot function normally and need help.

In the PIP assessment your GP is the most important reference - get your symptoms mentioned in a letter

of support for PIP and include it with your form.

If you have any other assessments like NHS Wheelchair Services assessments include those - Care Plans and statements

from carers on how they help you evey day with washing, dressing, cooking, driving etc.,.

I would spend time getting your NHS paperwork ready.

All the best


Thats just it i dont have any paper work to send,i will just go to see my gp when time comes.

MrsJ, things to do NOW: Be proactive.

  1. Get an appointment with a new neuro to get a second opinion on your MS. Get an up-to-date MRI done.

  2. Also get a new assessment from NHS Wheelchair Services

  3. Contact your local Adult Social Care and get some grab rails and ramps fitted to your home etc.,. You can also ask for an assessment for a rise and recline chair.

  4. Get some physio - this will generate a report.

  5. Go to your GP and get a Care Plan - or a Care Plan from a new MS Nurse.


That is right you don’t get back dated if your on DLA x

Please dont worry it will make you ill.Ive changed to pip ive lost some money but im ok,it is very stressful but hopefully it will soon be over for you and a good outcome. Take care. Joxx