PIP Decision received today!

Afternoon ladies and gentlemen,

well I received my home visit a couple of weeks ago from the PIP assessor, and today in the post I got my decision …

I got enhanced rates for both parts! I’m so relieved, I’m so glad it’s over, that’s a year it’s taken and I’m so glad just to hear, and it was a lot less painful than I thought it would be. It’s also a little bit better than the old DLA, and they also send you where you did and didn’t receive points which was good.

so anyone who is to go through it still, don’t worry about a thing, I honestly think it’s not a bad thing for us who are truly ill.

love and hugs to everyone

Polly xxxxx

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Well done Polly!!!

What a relief for you. My DLA ends in November so I expect to get the form around August. Feeling less daunted now that you have got yours and it wasn’t a horrid assessment.

Really pleased for you!

Pat xx

Brilliant news!

Iv’e had mine for nearly a year now both the the mobility and care at the higher rate, its been good because its meant we could get a motability car with a hoist for my power chair, it was such a relief not to have to fight, the lady that came out was lovely. but getting a diagnosis has been and still is a total nightmare, but it was quite ironic because she told me that she used to be an MS nurse.

So pleased for you nice not to have a fight.

Michelle x

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So pleased for you. It’s good to hear that people are getting the benefits they need. It’s reassuring for those of us yet to have to go through it all. Thanks

Cath x

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Yay!!! Well done Polly!

Kev x

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Thank you Polly for sharing your experiences. For those of us yet to be subjected to the great change over, this is encouraging. Let nothing eclipse your good news. (Just had to throw it in-it didn’t really show in cloudy Crowborough!)

Best wishes, Steve. x

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I think it’s important that those of us who are genuine and get the proper treatment we deserve let others know, that there are a lot of horror stories that come with this PIP but with just my evidence and being honest it’s not a scary process.

love love love your wee eclipse shot in there Steve, it looked fabulous up here in Scotland!

I’m now waiting on the OT’s assessing me to get my bathroom changed to a wet room, because my legs have gotten so much worse that’s why I haven’t been on so much lately, I’ve been down about getting worse and I was scared because it was happening so fast and I was in so much pain.

Anyhoo, thank you everyone, big huggles

Polly xxx

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That’s great news Polly stress really messes with me so I can understand your anxiety.


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Good news Polly. I’m still DLA indefinite, no idea when I need to change over.

Jan x

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It appears that you will be randomly selected, but quite how is yet to be decided. Sadly, it’s not much help.

From October 2015

From October 2015, we will start to reassess all remaining DLA claimants who were aged between 16 and 64 on the day that PIP was introduced (8 April 2013). All these remaining claimants with a DLA award will be invited to make a claim for PIP.

We will randomly select those DLA claimants with an indefinite award. Further details of how the random selection will work are not yet available. This is referred to as managed reassessment.

Claimants with an indefinite award made under the special rules for terminal illness or with a fixed term award expiring after late 2017 will be reassessed towards the end of the reassessment period.

Claimants who were aged between 16 and 64 on 8 April 2013, but have since reached age 65 or over will be treated as if they are still under the age of 65 for reassessment purposes. This means they may qualify for the mobility component of PIP if they satisfy the eligibility criteria.

We will not select a claimant for reassessment if they have had an assessment for DLA within the last 6 months.

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Brilliant Polly, so pleased for you.

Pam x

I first applied and recieved enhanced mobility and standard care in 2010. I returned to work nine months later and cancelled the care component as I felt I no longer needed it. I reapplied for care in November last year and have just been awarded standard care DLA, it would have made more sense to take the opportunity to reassess me for PIP but who am I to question the ways of DWP.

Jan x

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Well done, congratulations. Happy all’s well.Relax and breathe easy. Love Sue x

Well done x

That’s really great! Well done Polly!

Nina x

Congratulations Polly, great news.

I think I was one of the first to be assessed for PIP & awarded the higher rates on both parts. I was only told I had MS a few months earlier. Constantly falling, a bad temper & breaking bones should of been a sign. I just got on with frustrating life as normal, until the bad news kept coming. Luckily I was assigned a great support worker.

Good luck with all your future plans.

Congrats Polly I think it helps for them to SEE how f$$ked we areM