PIP visitation

Afternoon everyone!

just thought I would pop in after having forgotten my password lol! And let everyone know that a very nice gentleman came to my house this morning to give me an assessment for the PIP thingy, because our area is having to move from DLA to PIP.

Well I had got myself in a right state about someone coming to the house to assess me, however I need not fear! The gentleman who had come out was a gem! He truly was great, he didn’t do anything or ask me to do anything that he clearly knew I could not do! He almost helped me answer the questions, to my benefit! As the time went on I did have to go the loo and he asked my hubby, could you not put a loo down the stairs, that looks far too much for her just to go the loo, Stewart asked do you want to watch her on the stairs or anything, he no, I can see how much she is struggling.

So for something I was terrified I really shouldn’t have been! So for anyone who will be getting one, relax it’s nothing to worry about,it is however very tiring, that’s the only thing about it, I’ve slept for hours this afternoon lol!

hugs all

Polly xxx


Well Polly that must be a great relief to you and some comfort for those who still wait.

When the doctor came for my original DLA, he rang first so I had time to go to the supermarket and get really worn out. Of course there was no need. His parting words were: “I’ll do my best for you.”

Posts like yours are really important.

Steve x

Well done Polly. What a huge relief for you. I’m so pleased he was nice.

Let’s hope you get a good result. By the sounds of it, you will.

Pat xx

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Hi Polly

Glad it went well for you.

Pam x

Hi Polly. I’m so pleased for you. It’s also very helpful and reassuring to know that the people coming to assess us have our best interest at heart. I sat with someone who has ms and was assessed at home recently and their experience was much like yours and she got PIP after being denied any form of DLA.

It is worrying, especially for any of us who were unfortunate enough to be seen by the ATOS assessors and were told there was nothing wrong with us and we could work full time despite being unable to look after ourselves. Posts like yours are appreciated, thanks.

Cath x

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Steve exactly, just be as you said we are ill enough and the questions etc are hard enough and exhausting enough that they watch the decline, the gent actually said when the time was coming to an end “it’s time for your bed” it wasn’t even 11am lol.

thank you everyone, I just think it’s important for those who have to go through these in the future, with the government still forcing them through, that they are not all done by the horrible people that we’ve heard some horror stories of, I need everyone to know that some of them are kind, caring and looking out for us, especially when the likes of Cath have had a terrible time.

together we will help each other

Polly xxxx


Hi Polly,

I must be due for DVA to PIP. I am really dreading it. At the moment I get standard care and nothing for mobility. The first time I applied they turned me down for mobility but I thought that was fair enough but now my mobility has deterieted.

I have been thinking of reapplying but all the horror stories are putting me off. We are shortly moving to our new flat and it is going to be a fair distance from work. I get a lift to work from my husband and at the moment I get a lift home from a colleague but when we move that will stop, so I will have to get a taxi, which will cost a bit so the extra money would really help.

I have an appointment with the OH at work next week to see if she has any advice. Not sure how much longer I can carry on working, as much as I would love to.

So glad you had a good assessment.

Mags xx

Mags, I worked until it nearly killed me. It caused me to develop other conditions, or exhasberated the at the least. Your health is more important. It isn’t easy getting by on DLA but we get there, just tighten the belts and know what was best. Unfortunately I’ve went downhill a lot since I had to make that decision, but I fell down virtually at my desk and straight to the stroke ward for 3 weeks then to MS specialist for a further 2. Not how it should be, I wasted time on work who didn’t deserve my better health, by husband and family did. Please please please put yourself first darling.

love Polly xxx

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So glad to hear that

Sonia x

Glad all went well Polly

XX Don

Glad it went well Polly, fingers crossed for a good result,

Nina x

Thank you all,

I will keep you all up to date with the result of it, the gentleman said I should hear in 4 - 6 weeks so that’s not too long after all.

Polly xxx

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Hi Mags.

Have you explored the Access To Work facility?

I use it and pay a small amount of the fare myself and DWP pay the rest.

Virtual hug from Margate XXX

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