PIP assesor help Update

Just to say thank-you to all those who offered support and advises about us dealing with moving from DLA over to the new PIP

although my fears about behaviour based on previous years of dealing with DWP and the medical team ATOS was happily unfounded this time around.

My hubby had the home visit for Face to Face medical interview and thankfully the lovely young nurse that came was very good and took much care. We stuck to the truth if we had nothing to hide hubby would get what he is entitled to the interview should match all medical evidence and show all his MS daily problems etc.

He had his letter today he managed to score just 16 points so PIP for both mob and care etc .( he gets better care under the PIP than previously DLA)

once again a big thank-you to those who offered us there support.



Yay, I’m so pleased for you. All that worry and hard work paid off in the end.


So pleased to hear some good news on this Forum for a change. Enjoy what’s left of the summer crookes.

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Yaaaaaay !!! There are a few decent assessors around. But we only tend to hear the horror stories, so it’s lovely to hear a positive one.

Mine was nice too… she had to ring me three times on the way to my house because she was on foot and kept getting lost. So I had to plan a journey… hers! She was exhausted by the time she got to me as it was a really hot day. She had been a nurse at the hospital where I see my neuro so we talked a lot about that.

As she was typing what I was saying, she occasionally stopped and read bits back to me to make sure she had got it right which was useful. I was very well prepared but even so, with all the build up it was an exhausting process and I was glad when it was all over.