hi not been on for a while i wanted to know if anybody has been for an assesment as many of you know some days are ok but other are bad

Assessment with who, or for what???

Hi sorry I did not make myself clear I wanted to know if anybody has been for the new pip assesment as I have heard about it but I don’t know anybody has been for one

I have and I had no dx nurse was lovely and on my side dwp said no but I did a reconsideration and won standard rate on both but my health is worse now so may lodge an appeal. I had assessment in jan and decision a few weeks later they back pay so don’t worry. Was tough for me I had no medical infomation so any you have take with you good luck x

thanks Alysea for that i keep hopping it will all be cancelled by the time it’s my turn i was awarded it for life some years ago now i don’t seem to get relapses just slowly go down hill

Mines been on going on for a year and half no relapses but I won it with no proof on medical condition so don’t worry esa one is worse atos did mine. Wasn’t bad as it’s about how your condition affects you I wish you all the best x

Hi Duchess.

I had PIP assessment with Capita at the end of April in their centre in Cardiff.
I have to agree with Alysea in that my Health Professional was very sympathetic and understanding and the whole thing
lasted about one hour. I can definitely say it was not the “Spanish Incuisition” everyone seems to fear!
Like you I had a previous DLA lifetime award but it was only for lower rate mobility (no care component).
Also like you I cannot say I have had any major relapses of late but I have had a general deterioration in my overall condition.
This prompted me to get an appointment with my Neuro last December where he confirmed what I suspected
that my MS has changed to Secondary Progressive.
He supplied a supporting letter to this effect which I submitted to DWP with the PIP2 form.

Anyway the upshot is I have been awarded Standard rate care and Enhanced mobility PIP from 2nd July for 5 years!
Due to the DWP rules I will not receive my first 4 weekly PIP payment until 28th of this month.
I have on the strendth of this though bought myself a Mobility Scooter and am enjoying a much more active life than over the
last couple of years!

Take Care and Good Luck!


I think everyone except those terminal has to have an assessment I was awarded for 3 years. Thanks Steve think I am ppms ill find out within next few weeks so will ask my neuro for supporting evidence so I can get enhanced mobility cause I can only walk a short distance. I was not on Dla and a year and half ago I was in perfect health the money helps pay for taxi to hospital and I want to get a scooter too what’s best one to get any ideas? You could ask them to record the assessment lots seem to do that take someone with you I went alone.

Hi Alysea, I was awarded DLA, higher rate for personal care and mobility, indefinitely back in 2008. My review will come eventually I know.

Can I pick up on a word you mentioned ie terminal…not sure that`s an approriate word to use, as MS isnt a terminal illness.

Hope you dont mind my saying this hun, I wish you all the best.

luv Pollx

Hi again Alysea…just thought, perhaps you meant other folk who are on DLA, but not those with MS. Sorry if I made a mistake hun.

luv Pollx

Sorry I meant long term illness not terminal forgive me a little off and not feeling well after my LP yesterday I meant long term health condition. Sorry what I meant I didn’t make it cleAr is those with terminal cancer don’t need to be assessed I have 2 friends who are terminal sorry if I confused you :slight_smile: Sometimes I confuse myself lol xx