PIP Success!!

Tried to put a post out yesteray about this but it has “disapeared”.

Anyway just want to say to all people currently battling the DWP over PIPs.

Mine was GRANTED on Wednesday 2nd of June!
I have care at Standard rate and Mobility at enhanced rate.
This is for 5 years.

Keep going! Don’t give up! Keep phoning DWP!

Take care all and thanks for the support!


Great news … I’m due my face to face assessment on the 16 th of this month really hope it goes smoothly They are coming out to my home for the assessment any ideas on what I should expect ? Thanks

Congratulations! You have given me cause for optimism, thank you! X

Great news! And for 5 years! Were you on DLA and awarded it indefinitely?

I have been on DLA since 2000 and was awarded it indefinitely in 2008. Have you been put on the same levels?

I expect to be assessed for PIP next year.

Cheers, Pollx

I got standard on both but may need to do a late appeal was my mobility is pretty bad from when I was assessed was not diagnosed when I got it still not diagnosed yet but should be within coming months so I don’t walk much because I can’t but good news gives me hope :slight_smile:

Hi folks.

Thank you for the good wishes!
I will try to answer all your qustions as follows:-

I had been on DLA lowest mobility rate granted indefinitely by Tribunal for about the last 5 years, I have to say I found the DLA process far more stressful than the PIP experience but that is a whole different story!
The reason for my PIP quest was not at the behest of the DWP but “self inflicted” as over the last 18 to 24 months I have slowly come to the conclusion that my RRMS has morphed to SPMS confirmed by my Neuro in December of last year.
With this diagnosis and my now much more challenging “life style” I thought right, lets “go for broke” and grabbed the bull that is PIPs firmly by the horns!

As far as the assessment went mine was handled by Capita in Cardiff. I have to say that delays and phone calls aside it was a fairly smooth if somewhat daunting experience.
The assessor was a young lady called Helen who was a qualified nurse and had previously specialised in neurological nursing. She was attentive of my answeres to her questions and it was more like a conversation than an inquisition!
Any physical examination was minimal I remember she asked if I could put my hands flat on the floor, from a sitting position which I was quite happy to do although I did have a small problem getting back up which she noted, she also voluntered that there was no way I could do it whilst standing! I of course agreed!

I hope I have answered all your questions, if I have not please let me know.
Sorry about the spelling, it has never been my strong point and seems to be getting worse!

Take great Care and good luck to all!


Congratulations Steve!

Just one question… are you able to make a cooked meal for yourself without help, albeit in the microwave? I ask this because although a friend of mine (who’s just gone through the assessment) has very little mobility and little movement in one shoulder among other things, can’t prepare veg etc. she can heat small frozen meals. I have heard somewhere that you now can be turned down if you are mentally and physically able enough to operate a microwave.

I read that too, if you are capable of getting a prepared frozen meal outof freezer and cook in microwave they do not consider you need help with meals…who wants to live permenently on freezer meals ?

Also good nutrition is vital for all but especially so for people with illness, short or long term.

‘Pip Pip Hooray!’ Steve x

Hi Steve,

Well done on getting your PIP.

Heres a tip for everyone else who gets called up I am new on here. But I too was getting lied too by what was said by myself and what atos was writing on the form I looked into ways of getting it recorded.

Listen up this is all hush hush it was only a trial set out by the then empolyment secretary Chris Grayling MP. He said that claimaints could have there interview recorded using there equipment should they require it. The equipment is a dual cd recorder.

After the interview you get a copy and a copy gets sent with the report to the decision maker with the report so they dont have a leg to stand on.

I tried it and they started panicking and asking why I wanted it recorded. It was like a scene out of keystone cops.

Try that one if you are being called up and see the difference it makes.

I almost forgot to book a recorded assessment you have to call you local atos office where your assessment is going to be.



Hi Steve

fantastic news, just a pity about all the rigmarole associated with the help we should all be getting without jumping through hoops!

Freckles x