PIP Update


I got my pip decision and they have given me enhanced care and mobility.

It’s a relief to get the decision. It’s took just over 3 months.

Hope others can get the correct decision as well.

Take care.



Well done. That must be a great relief. Did you have to have a medical assessment or was it all on done on your application plus GP report?


Hi Sue,

Ye it’s big relief.

I had to have a medical assessment but luckily the lady seemed to be clued up on ms.

It took just over 2 weeks from the assessment to get the decision.


Great news and really pretty fast, mine took almost two years. Enjoy being spoilt a bit more.

I’m on DLA highest rate for mobility, middle rate for personal care. I’ve got a letter today telling me to apply for PIP within four weeks, or the DLA will stop. I fear the worst!

Having said that I’d no problem changing from Incapacity Benefit to ESA. I didn’t have an interview/examination for that. I don’t get any money though because I have an occupational pension, just NI credits.

Ive not been seen by a neurologist for two years so I’ve asked my GP to refer me to one. It’ll be eight to twelve weeks before I can get an appointment.

What a worry losing this will have a massive impact.

You can call to get the PIP application underway, at least. You might even get a helpful person on the other end of the line! There’s at least 2 'cause I’ve spoken to them myself. Hopefully nothing bad happens with your money, fingers crossed here!

I applied for PIP last week, after the lady at the job centre encouraged me to after me telling her I rarely set foot outside. I’m now waiting for the paper side of things, from what I’ve read online it’s a LOT of questions to answer. I’m not overly confident about getting anything, but I’ll not know unless I try, will I.

I joined Benefits and work.

It cost £20 for a years membership but has all the information about the benefits.

It explains the full process to claiming pip and what sort of info you need to be putting down on the forms.Also explains the medical assessments and the appeal process if needed.

I thought it was really useful as when i received my pip claim pack i was shocked at the size of it.

Hope you all get the right outcome.

You can send your PIP application form without the medical evidence and send that in later. You can sometimes ask for an extension so it might be worth doing that but ultimately it is more important to get your forms done in time than to wait to send the form and medical evidence together. Even if you see a neuro within 12 weeks it will take them another couple of weeks (at least!) to provide the evidence so I would plan on doing the form without supporting letter. If you need to appeal (or mandatory reconsideration) you will probably have the neuro letter by then.

highly recommend Benefits and Work if you are not already a member (£20.00 a year)


I feel like I’m suspected of fraud and I resent that.

MS is very real as is its impact on my life.

Ye I know what you mean and it’s not nice.

It seems crazy only giving you 4 weeks to put a claim in to transfer over or your DLA stops.

Surely it should be done better for anyone transferring over as they know you already have needs.

It’s a shame that people with genuine conditions etc have to go through all the stress of the benefits system.

I’m starting to wish I’d not applied for PIP…I only did because the lady at the job centre, who saw me for a review after being on ESA for a year encouraged me to. But if people with enough of a mobility problem to need a wheelchair are having difficulties, then am I just wasting my time?

I began my claim for pip in november last year and have my assesment on 10th june I am not too hopeful after what happened in the past and the problems I had with Atos but you have to try,these things can take a long time.Good luck with yuor claim sue

My mum said it’s an American firm running the PIP stuff now? I know ATOS got in an unholy mess. Which is why I’m still waiting to be assessed for ESA, even though I started being paid it in March last year!

jellysundae says Atos got in an unholy mess when administering and testing disability benefits.

Just because they are out of the picture doesnt mean things will now be correct and rosy. Atos were only doing what their paymasters, the DWP, wanted them to. They disappeared because of all the negative press and TV investigations. It was handy to blame them for administering the ESA incorrectly. The new lot will be just the same - particularly since this government is claiming they got the mandate for £13 billion in Welfare cuts - they didn’t. Only 1/3 of electorate voted for them.

I was reading in the Observer today that forcing Housing Associations to sell off their housing to all the lucky people who will get them at a massively reduced rate (paid for by us) - added to the yearly bill of recompensing the Housing associations will cost £5.3 billion a year!

Written on the back of a scruffy election poster to attract the ‘aspiring’ and ‘hard working’ voters - they never expected to win the election and this give away was to be bartered away in an expected coalition with the Lib-Dems at best.

This shows perfectly just how ideologically driven the £13 billion Welfare cuts are.

But I digresss…


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Oh man D: But yeah, I wasn’t expecting the new outfit to do any better…would be nice though, wouldn’t it?

Oh look, do you see that? A flying pig! :open_mouth:

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an American company is assessing ESA. ATOS & Capita are assessing PIP.


My claim was handled by Atos

  1. Hi I tried to apply for pip myself and I had to go to a medical assessment. I took all correspondencee and I brought my injection with me as they wanted to see what treatment I was on. The final decision was that I was not entitled, though they respected I had a lLon term condition they felt I didn’t warrant receiving this money.

quite frustrated … But even if I appealed I don’t think I would win .

I don’t expect to be entitled to anything, I only applied because the lady from the job centre encouraged me to. I’m hoping I can get enough brain cells in gear to fill out the mobility question this weekend and get the form sent off.

I’m really not sure what I’d take with me for an assessment, I have next to no correspondence.

I’ll be content if, like Ray, I’m treated respectfully by whoever assesses me.

Ring your MS Nurse and your GP ask them to do a letter of support. DWP will get in touch with them anyway for their input. citizens advice filled in my form for me and I know lots of people use www.benefitsandwork.co.uk/

Best wishes

Jan x