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I have read lots of posts on here about PIP but don’t think I have seen anything that can answer my question. Sorry if I have missed something.

I applied for PIP and had a text to say they had received my ‘How your disability affects you’ form and that I may need to attend a consultation.

Today I got a text saying they have received the written report of my PIP assessment (!) and will write to me once they’ve made a decision on my PIP (as a guide, within 6 weeks)

The thing is, although I included a fair bit of detail in the form I didn’t have much in the way of evidence to send with it. I rarely see my GP and only see my neurologist yearly for review, so I could only send a couple of letters from my neurologist detailing my progression, and details of adaptations I’ve had done to the house.

Because if this I was expecting to be sent an appointment for a consultation but I haven’t had one!

Does this mean that they will reject my claim? Should I contact them for more information? Does it usually take 6 weeks for a decision? Sorry that’s 3 questions!

I would really appreciate some advice if anyone can help

Thank you

Not everyone has to go for assessment, your neuro may have sent enough stuff to simply support your claim. I hope so it would be good. A few people i have met never went for an assessment and just carried on with their money. If your a transient from DLA i believe i read they are trying to move more people quicker if they have been ill a long time. Sure i read that. Good luck. yes they say six weeks mine was 4 weeks.

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Thank you Crazy Chick

Yes hopefully that was enough, I was dreading the consultation. I’ll just have to be patient and see what happens. I wasn’t on DLA though so it’s a new claim

I believe (on no evidence, just a gut feeling), that if the DWP were to make a negative decision, they would have to give you the opportunity of a face to face assessment.

Certainly there are many people who’ve received full Daily Living and Mobility awards, for 10 years, with no face to face assessment. I am one of them.

Fingers crossed you will be too.


If it’s your first claim then good luck. The form is quite daunting.

Sounds as though they’ve got enough evidence to make a decision. Adaptions to your house look good on the PIP form.

If you don’t get anything then you can appeal and ask for f2f.

Keep an eye on your bank account, I had f2f but ££ in my bank was confirmation I got the award.

They back date payments to the day you phoned asking for the form.

Fingers crossed.


Thank you Sue and Jen

It was reading your (and Crazy Chicks and others) posts on here about PIP that finally made me make the claim and helped me prepare for and fill the form in with as much detail as possible. I was just worried that the evidence I had wasn’t enough. Fingers crossed it will be and I won’t need to appeal and have a face to face.


Can you still drive??

In theory, yes I can. I had to get an automatic a couple of years ago but these days my driving is extremely limited. Fortunately I don’t need to drive anymore as I rarely leave the house.

can you still drive?

that question is not relevant PJ, PIP/DWP is not asking if you can drive or not, it is asking how far you can walk. Just because you can drive a car that give no indication how far you can walk.


I have now received the decision letter and I’ve been awarded the enhanced rate for both daily living and mobility for an ongoing period!

I have mixed emotions about this: sadness that I finally needed to apply (I am having to give up work), and to have it confirmed just how disabled I have become; relief that it’s over; guilt that I don’t really deserve it (got more points than I expected) and that it was straightforward for me when I have read so many accounts of the difficulties people are having going through this process.

Thank you all on this forum, your advice and experience is invaluable and has helped me and I am sure so many others, so much

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PIP don’t ask this question - but use it in the general functionality assessment:

If you are still able to drive, it is viewed as having “good functionality”. You can turn your head to view traffic,

you can control the car with your legs, judge the speed, and find your way, so good short-term memory etc.,.

Plus being able to get into, and out of the car without help, and into a wheelchair. When you have a weak upper body,

it’s a real challenge. So dependency on the help of another person to be mobile is required.

Social care needs and mobility are linked. They expect, in most cases, for you to have a named driver on your

Motability car. Supplying Carer’s Statements on how they drive you about, and help you get into and out of the car

are useful.

I wonder why they don’t ask the question then?

What if you don’t drive but can use a mobilty scooter outdoors? Is that viewed as having “good funtionality” too? Personally I don’t think I would be able to use one safely outdoors.

I submitted a new claim and didn’t previously receive DLA. I just filled in the forms and totally forgot to send any letters. A nurse came to my house to do the assessment and I was awarded basic for both parts. I was gobsmacked as I’d heard so many horror stories about it. I made sure that I has someone with me too.


Good for you. the trouble is the horror stories are echoing around still and really if your ill and disabled all the people i know who have applied have received it. Sadly a few people who are ill and need help have had issues which is a real shame, but lately i think they have got their act together.

It is sad you have it, but it will help you. I got it in both but went for an assessment. I had no problems at all.

xxx now you can relax. xx

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sorry PJ but unless you are a DWP assessor you are talking rubbish,

"dependency on the help of another person to be mobile is required"

please clarify exactly where you get this statement from, i suspect you can’t

Hi Anonymous,

As you said, well done on getting enhanced for both but not so good on the fact that you are officially disabled.

Thanks for telling us, may give a few people hope.


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Hi im wanting to do a claim for pip just been diagnosed with rrms Just woundered when you fill the form out do you go on your symptoms when you have had relapse or when you have partially recovered thanls xx

They justified rejection of my claim by the mere fact I can still drive!!

Sorry, Only just seen this. I think I did both, saying things like “on bad days…” I copied my form and had it handy when the assessor came and made sure I had someone with me xx

This is interesting: Discussion: Culture of Contempt? - Rightsnet

There is a link to an extract of a DWP submission that mentions driving