I've returned the How Your Disability Affects You Form, with all the supporting evidence.  Can anyone say how long I'll have to wait to hear from DWP?  is it likely to be handled by a paper based process or is the telephone assessment more likely? 

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I sent mine off last Monday. Don’t know where I read it but I’ve got a reminder on my phone in 11 weeks time.

So 12 weeks from posting.

Fingers crossed we both get what we want.

Did say they would phone or email to arrange a telephone consultation if necessary. (don’t know how that’ll work when they need to see me walking!)



My walking has really deteriorated since my application fo PIP.

I had amazing support from a Welfare Rights advisor when it went to tribunal.

Therefore if it has to go to tribunal make sure you have support from an agency such as Welfare Rights, CAB or other.

Stick to your guns. That benefit is yours.

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Hi, I applied in August, had a telephone interview in January and got pip begining of Feb - not a quick process

Good luck to all who are awaiting the call.

I went from DLA to PIP in 2019. It was a home based assessment…I worried mesen witless!

Luckily I got the full award…for 10 years…cos Im old! (68)


Thanks to everyone for your feedback. It seems like we all get different experiences.

I’ll just have to be a bit more patient!

Hi Inky, I sent my forms back in November. I had a phone appointment with assessor 1st February.
I requested to see my assessors remarks which I received about 10 days later. She told me over

the phone that I wouldn’t be able to dispute anything that’s written until I receive their decision.

I received a letter to say they had everything they needed.

Now waiting. I didn’t agree with a lot of the assessment.It was better having a face to face and was given standard on both last time.

This time looks like gonna stay the same HOPFULLY NOT REDUCED!!

I need the enhanced rate though now!

Good luck with yours Kimx

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If it was the first time that you’ve claimed then they usually pay you from the date you first phone. That’s why they ask for all your details including bank account etc.

That was the first I knew about being successful I got £££ in my bank account.

Take care


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