Morning guys.

Had a letter this morning, informing me of the rise in DLA payments.

Along with it was a letter about PIP.

Yes, my heart did beat a little faster.

But i dont think I need to worry about it for a couple of years yet.

I was given it indefinitely in 2008. Plus I am now 60, so they say they wont be bothering me until 2015.

Even so, I am very concerned for all my buddies going through IB/ESA changes and those affected by PIP sooner than me. It is such a stressful situation.

We`re all in this rocky boat together, eh?

luv Pollx

Hi Poll

I had exactly the same letter and my heart sank too. I am dreading going through all the form filling in again. It was bad enough the first time round. I was awarded high rate for both mobility and care and I don’t understand why we have to start all over agan if we were awarded this for life.

Best not to stress about it though. It will only make us all feel worse. Like you say we are all in this together,

Take care.


Cheers Shazzie.

Maybe they think our disabilities will magically disappear…if only, eh?

luv Pollx

What the authorities that be dont realise, we are all in a state of stress about all these changes and we cannot spend for fear of things changing, so if they want the people to spend then give us all some kind of security, but they wont, they intend driving some of us to the ultimate, cos not everyone can cope with so many changes over such a short period of time.

Me thinks theyre idiots, they may save money by changing the goalposts but at the same time theyll make people more disabled through such stress. Lets hope in the longer term costs rise and they achieve absolutely nothing eh, but pigs may fly before that happens.

Im with you, it stinks,



Yep, it does stink indeed…got a spare peg?

luv Pollx

Can I ask more stupid questions please?!! :0)

What is DLA (disability living allowance?) and PIP? Newly dx, so not sure what it all means. Also I have read some posts about mortgage payments being met if you have critical illness cover. Do you have to be unable to work to claim mortgage payments?

Thank you


Hi Emma

DLA is Disability Living Allowance, a payment made to help with day to day living costs dependant on your needs. Components are paid based on mobility & care needs.

PIP is Personal Independance Payment, which replaces DLA in April or June dependant on where you live. See GOV.UK for more details.

Critical illness cover may be linked to your mortgage payments. Check you mortgage documents / call the company to check if you are covered.

I was covered and still work full-time. It is based on diagnosis not whether you work or not.

Happy to answer ay questions you have.

All the best


Thank you, Neil. Will get onto the Halifax tomorrow to sort that out. I’m pretty sure we are covered. That would certainly help things and allow me to worry less about work!!


I would not delay Em, I did had cover but did not claim initially as it was the last thing on my mind, due to good employers I could still manage my mortgage, whilst on full pay (although on sick leave). Months later, it was obvious I would not return to work, I took a reality check, noticed a post on this site and decided to investigate what cover I had. It was at that point I rang to make a claim … I was informed I was not entitled to the cover, as I had not claimed within 12 weeks of being diagnosed!!! They are quick enough to take their monthly insurance premium but will do anything to get out of paying when you do claim. So learn from my mistakes and get in there quick ! Best of luck. :slight_smile:

Hi Tacey, I think it is scandalous that you couldnt use your insurance cover on your mortgage, due to time limits. All those premiums you would`ve paid…for nowt! Diabolical!

luv Pollx

Thanks for your replies pals.

A scary time ahead for us indeed!

luv Pollx

Regarding PIP for those of us “lucky” enough to have been awarded DLA indefinitely: we don’t have to worry until 2015. That’s when they’ll be sending us the letters telling us to apply for PIP. There will be a General Election before then, though, and I don’t think the Conservatives will be re-elected. This means one of two things will happen. Either the new government will drop PIP or, more likely, they’ll continue with it and blame this government when it all goes horribly wrong.

Having said that we don’t have to worry, that doesn’t stop me worrying. They’ve moved the goalposts by changing the distance we have to walk from 50m to 20m. OK, so 50m was never specifically stated, but it was understood to be the distance you had to be able to walk. On a really bad day I can’t do either distance without assistance (stick or clinging to walls/furniture) - certainly not ‘safely, reliably, repeatedly and in a timely manner’, Given the fiasco of ESA assessments (haven’t done one myself, but I’ve read enough about them), I don’t expect whoever assesses me to appreciate the variable nature of MS.

from what ive read about pip so far they are stopping low rate care, so i know they will kick me off dla when the time comes, i get low rate care and low rate mobility, aslong as they decide i can walk 20 metres inside my home then they will kick me off it, thats what they are now going by, 20 m inside not outside walking, i have adaptations in the flat as im wobbly and unsafe on my feet and im scared it will go against me, after 7 months of trying to get social services to let me go on the disabled register through them, they tell me its up to my dr if he will let me go on it or not, im physically disabled aswell as mentally ill, i just hope the dr will let me go on it as it will help me get a smaller place which will be adapted to what i need as i was told by the council they wont let me move as i have a cat, the only way i can move is through a swap, even then i have to have written permission to take my cat with me although the council knows i have a cat which i told them that and they said it doesnt matter, so much for getting the help