PIP Success

Hi everybody, I haven’t been on the forum for quite a while now but thought I would share my experience of transitioning from DLA to PIP to give hope and peace of mind to others. I filled in my how your disability affects you form and sent it registered post and it was signed for on April 10. I had received no acknowledgement from DWP. Today I received a letter saying that I had been awarded enhanced rate in both mobility and daily living for an ongoing period and no need for face to face interview.


Brilliant news. Well done, we need success stories to keep peoples spirits up when they are going through the nightmare of the PIP claim. Your nervous wait was pretty short too. Excellent.


Thank you Sue. I agree with you, the key to success is to fill in the form accurately and honestly as to how your MS affects you and to enclose as much evidence as you can to support it. I did send a lot of evidence and after filling in each question wrote please refer to this letter or that report. I know it sounds repetitive but it’s a reminder to look at the evidence.

Very pleased for you. Well done. I did the same and although awarded PIP I gave had the benefit from DLA more than halved…so having the struggle now to appeal. Again. Well Done. Anne x

That is pretty much how I did it (with the same result), cross referencing the evidence with the form and vice versa. Basically making it easy for the assessor to see how I fit the Activities and Descriptors.


Hi Anne48. I really feel for you as this process is so stressful. I have been dreading it for a long time. I was shocked when I received the letter today as it was only 3 weeks since they received my claim and there was Easter in between. Don’t give up and I really hope your appeal is successful.

Yes i love this type of post. its not all doom and gloom. I got enchanced in both. yes i had to go for assessment but i was only in there 20 minutes. the guy said there will not be a problem we have had great supporting evidence. I think mine was down to the fact i had just been finally diagnosed. before i was on DLA i had no diagnosis. i do think you have to fill the form in well, and people must remember DLA and PIP are not the same. x well done Nanny McPhee. xx