I am to be 'PIPed'

Is that how you say I have my letter saying your DLA is about to end! ‘You now need to decide if you want to claim PIP’ Is this the most stupid question ever?

I couldn’t sleep last night, my DLA ‘has no end’

Take care and be safe don’t let the B*****ds get you down. M x

Try not to worry, I know it’s easier said than done . I went straight on pips about 5 and a half years ago. I asked to be assessed at home and I also asked for help in filling in the form. I received enhanced for both mobility and care. My daughter has autism and she changed from dla to pips at age 16 . Again I asked for help to fill in the forms, and she actually qualifies for more with pips than she was receiving from Dla . The good thing is if you have received Dla they will ask permission to look at the previous Dla evidence and take that into consideration. I had to re do my pips form after 3 years but it was very straight forward, they basically asked was everything the same, had anything changed ect . I had another home assessment which was very straight forward. One tip was to have my carer at the home chopping veg and generally caring for me which was noticed , and helped to provide evidence that I needed the care . I hope that helps . Michelle and Frazer xx

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Sorry not from anon but me …Michelle and Frazer xx

Hi M I agree with Michelle, I was lucky it happened in a straight forward way. A lady seen Me at home and received a letter about 5 weeks later. Just bear in mind the form is repetitive but take your time and mention everything. I do think though when we had dla for life they should automatically transfer you to pip, but that seems too easy I suppose. Good luck Pam x

Thanks guys I phoned yesterday confirming that I would be applying for PIP. Totally disinterested female going through the questions for 20 mins, can’t wait for the forms. No emojis so :slight_smile: M x

Going from DLA to PIP isn’t so bad. Add the others have said, the forms are very straight forward, you just have to mention every little coping strategy e.g. buying frozen or chopped veg, using a back brush to wash feet etc. They try to make it sound like you have to go to see them for your interview but if you tell them you’re not up to it they will visit you at home, you just have to phone them when you get your appointment letter. Good luck with it. Cath

I’ve just had to apply for PIP as well. I spent £8.40 at the library photocopying my form and evidence to send them. Now the waiting starts!

I am trying to do 30mins a day AND not think 40 pages! I hear what my cool gang say but today it seems like climbing Everest and I am just in the foothills. Will a creme egg help? I hope you all have a lovely weekend. M x

, I didn’t have cool emoji. x

Hi all I have just posted on Everday Living about receiving Pip. Cautionary tale. Good luck with it. Any help gratefully received. Sleep well. Anne

Huh!! I have heard nothing from DWP so yesterday I phoned, first person could not confirm that they had received the form! Sudden chill down my spine HE was rather dim, I was now more worried. I had proof of posting but couldn’t find the damn thing. I phoned back and got someone more knowledgeable. He said all ‘brown’ DWP envelopes had been held by Royal Mail from early May. My completed form had been marked received and NOT received so it was going no where/limbo? Is it just me or would you find this daft enough to be true? He promised he’d put my form into someone’s hand and I’d hear in 4 weeks. What now? I was damned right to be worried. M

That’s worrying. I always send signed for next day ect . I’m still waiting to hear for my son with aspergers , I hate the system he was was on indefinite and now they change to to pips you have to jump through hoops and send everything all over again , they have no idea what they put us through emotionally. Michelle and Frazer xx

Hi Folks, enjoying the sunshine?

It’s always worth photocopying your booklet before posting, just in case it gets lost. It always helps having them when your renewal is sent as you can look back, make sure you haven’t left anything out, but also if nothing or little has changed, it saves the poor brain cells and stress levels having to think of every detail again. I just update my copies with any changes in a different pen or if lots have changed, I’ll copy the new pages that need updating.

Sounds confusing but I know what I mean and haven’t the brain to explain better at present. Sorry!

Take care

Cath x

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I understand Cath so you must have explained it well enough. Take care guys, be safe. M x

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So, I am meant to be having my PIP assessment on Wednesday next week. I have an appointment. Would it go in my favour more if I asked for a home visit or should I go to them? If they come here my dogs won’t be very happy, they dont like strangers…

When you go to them they check the boxes for how far you walked, whether you could go on public transport etc etc. If you’re anything like me where I can do a bit if I have had a few rest days before and I’m panicking with going somewhere strange so need a family member or friend and I’m wound tight as a spring, it’s worth requesting a home visit as they don’t take into consideration anything they think you can do.

I only know this as I had to go once a few years before I was diagnosed, when I was beating myself up as being pathetic and my dad took me. I was on crutches and in so much pain, my neck was badly damaged and I should have been at least a paraplegic. They said there was nothing wrong with me and I could go back to work (as a nurse) full time. I appealed so they wrote to the hospital who had just scanned me as they thought it might be ms, and my scans and their examination proved I was so disabled I qualified for high rate both in care and mobility.

Doing yourself an injury to attend the appointment isn’t always to your benefit, I struggle to go out now and it’s definitely easier if they can see me at home, but everyone’s different. You have the right to have a home visit if it’s better for you.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.


Good luck im going through same.Just waiting for the PIP forms to arrive i have had the phone call done with a man i could hardly understand.I am dreading the form filling as i have just finshed a DLA form for my granddaughter.Sick of form filling to prove everything.

So, I went for my PIP interview. Talk about providing you with an uncomfortable chair! within 5 mins I was fidgeting, and after 10 said I need a better chair or I won’t be able to continue. The questions seemed endless, and talk about feeling humiliated with some of the questions they asked me. Admit to bursting out crying twice. I think the interview went on well over an hour, plus they deliberately kept me waiting for 20 mins, which certainly didn’t do my anxiety any good. I have no idea how long it will be before I hear back from them. I have been on high mobility and middle care for the last 10 years, they know you’re never gonna get any better when you have PP, so I think it’s ridiculous. The only thing the government are interested in is seeing how much money they can cut from those of us who need it. Feeling very demoralised right now

I finally got a letter (2 days ago) saying that ‘they’ had all the information they require to make a decision! They would be in touch. Mxx

Your interrogation sounds awful. Surely they shouldn’t be supposed to humiliate you. Nobody who needs benefits enjoys claiming and relying on them. As you said, with progressive ms we aren’t going to get better, we deserve to be treated with dignity. Don’t let anything they said get to you, you obviously got a rude person on a bad day.

Take care