PIP consultation

Hi ,

Got my PIP consultation on Thursday. Thanks to all the lovely people in this forum I’ve read so much about PIP applications think I’m quite well prepared, whole file with evidence.

Taking a friend who’s a nurse working in rehabilitation, she’s going to take notes too. Showed her my form so she can prompt if necessary.

Typed my information as difficult to write for any length of time. Got my MS symptom diary going back to 1989 - who knew it would be so useful. Said I trip and fall about once a week. Did a real cracker last Tuesday and my chin made contact with a wall - looks like I’ve got a plum on my chin - covering it up with make up but won’t on Thursday - proof!!

Just going for mobility think will only get standard as not a full time wheelie.

Money isn’t good only £21.80 per week but want it for the automatic blue badge, disabled railcard so I can visit my daughters, cinema card, reduced car tax and maybe reduced council tax.

Will let you know how I get on.

Jen xx

hi jen

i appealed against my PIP award.

from higher rate DLA to standard PIP for mobility and daily living.

now i have a tribunal to look forward to.

man they don’t half know how to prolong the agony!

good luck jen

carole x

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Best of luck Jen

Who knew we’d need ‘luck’ on our side for benefit claims! Surely it ought to be a right?

But it sounds like you’re prepared. Don’t forget for standard mobility you should be able to walk more than 20 metres but less than 50. And the key is reliably, safely, repeatedly. That’s why your falls are important. Don’t try to show the assessor the whole diary, stick post-its or bits of paper every time you’ve noted a fall in the last 6 months say. And of course, having a lovely bit of evidence on your chin is no bad thing either!! (I’ve done that before, most attractive!)

Also, given that they will go through all the Daily Living as well as the Mobility Activities, you could get a surprise and find they give you standard Daily Living too. I would think that whilst not describing the worst day, concentrate on what you can’t do, not on what you can manage.


Good luck Jen & Carole, it’ll be my turn very soon I’m sure. Hopeful we all have a good outcome Tracey x

i’m terrified that my inappropriate gob will have me mouthing off at them!

honestly the very thought of it brings me to the brink of tourettes.

i will be with a lovely lady from welfare rights so hopefully she can keep me on the straight and narrow.

good luck to everyone facing this nightmare.

I’m afraid that my default setting is verging on Tourette’s. I believe I have the foulest mouth of anyone I know. So I’m happy to be in your gang Carole. And just the thought of a DWP assessment, done by Capita or Atos, brings me out in a severe case of ‘potty mouth’ as the Americans would have it. I of course would call it something very much ruder.


By the sounds of it Sue we are all in the potty mouth crew, wish I could say I’m ashamed, but I’m not, firm believer in once it’s out, it’s out​! Carole, I’m anticipating some “polite” conversation with the assessor myself, ladylike I am not Tracey x

Hi just in the process of filling in forms have been on DLA higher rate mobility since 1994 cannot afford to run a car on my ESA payment as a single lady without a carer can’t get out at all without my car can’t walk to bus stop so scared , feeling ill my symptoms definitely getting worse doing my best to care for myself is that not enough !!! Sorry to moan but this can’t be right !!

Me again,

Meeting seemed to go okay. 1 1/2 hours, I had lots of evidence. I haven’t applied before.

Took my good friend who’s a nurse in a rehabilitation centre, useful.

The lady was lovely, very conscious that some of the questions were quite sensitive. Told her that I don’t talk about my MS.

Just the waiting game now. Thanks for everyone on this websites help.

Good luck everyone.

Jen x

Brilliant news Jen. Hoping that you get a nice surprise. And it’s more than just standard mobility. But I’m sure you’ll be happy just to get that.

I suspect that the majority of the assessors are genuinely nice people, it’s not their fault they have to work within such a crappy (oops) framework.

Keeping fingers firmly crossed.


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Just flicking through a magazine today and came across an advert by Capita. Looking for PIP Disability Assessors, salary £34k per annum and states at least two years post registration experience required for nurses, OT’s, physiotherapists and paramedics.

To me that doesn’t seem enough experience.

Hi everyone,

Had a very busy Easter.

Great news. Just wanted to let you know that DWP put some money into my account last week. Couldn’t work out what I’d been awarded. Very excited.

Letter just arrived I have been awarded standard daily living and enhanced mobility !!! Told you my assessor was nice, report was very accurate, said I lived with my goldfish, ha.

Think I underestimate my disability. Absolutely thrilled. Was thinking of changing my car, now i can.

There is a motability car show in Manchester next weekend and I’m going on a road trip and taking my friend.

Got my list of requirements. So much choice.

Daily living will help me buy bits and pieces to make my life easier, pay for my cleaner and lots of other things.

As I said earlier, without the help and support from peopoe on this site I wouldn’t have been able to fill in the form and get the award.

Thank you so much people.

Good luck everyone else,

Jen xx

Oh, sent off for tax disc refund. Got my disabled railcard, got it with £10 Tesco vouchers.

Just paid £6 for a cinema card too. Free ticket for carer.

Anything else I should know about? Told you I’d been busy.

Jen x

Fantastic news Jen, you deserve it enjoy choosing your car just remember

Mobility don’t supply Daimlers X

Take care

Margaret ( Charlie B )


Smashing news Jen! wish I was as organised as you, enjoy yourself now, no more worrying!! Tracey x

Hi, Are you entitled to a freedom pass if you have MS?

Lovely news Jen. I’m really pleased for you. And a new car will be lovely.


Can i ask, so you go for your face to face, when will your money stop. Is it on the day of your face to face.

Very lovely news enjoy and relax now. xxx

Wonderful news Jen!

Proves crowdsourcing advice on the PIP form is essential.