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Hello All,

It’s a long time since I posted on this forum, but I have a lot of concerns about my PIP consultation which happened last Tuesday.

The one thing I will say is that I didn’t find this a ‘hostile environment’ like that civil servant with Parkinson’s disease (issue covered in the press recently).

However, even though I thought that the interview was fair, I think the likelihood is that I will be placed on standard PIP (from an enhanced DLA), with the strong possibility that I will lose my (6th) Motability car.

In this situation is there any point in appealing the decision?

The 20 metre rule is the crunch, and if I can walk this distance (although not 100% consistent) then I fear I may be joining the MS Society ‘PIP Village’

All comments and view are appreciated.

hi heathwood

ask for a copy of the report by your assessor.

they do actually send them out fairly quickly.

go through it with a fine tooth comb and highlight any inaccuracies.

look at how many points you feel you should have got.

make a request for mandatory reconsideration.

they will send you another copy of the original form.

get help in place for this.

i used welfare rights but CAB are excellent too.

between you, you should be able to fill in the form so that it passes.

don’t forget, the key words are safely, regularly and in a timely manner.

so make sure that you address these points in your application.

yes i can walk 20 metres but i have to do it very slowly for fear of falling.

if this fails also, write to them telling them that you disagree with the outcome.

they will either accept your appeal or say that it needs to go to tribunal.

tribunal isn’t scary, they are not employed by the dwp but are legal bods.

they are looking for a fair result.

they passed the same form that had been rejected 3 times by the dwp.

it is ridiculous that we have to jump through these hoops,

if i could still jump, i’d have followed my ambition to join a circus!

good luck, although you shouldn’t need luck.

Very good answer Carole. In particular it’s those words, safely, regularly and in a timely manner. So, it’s making sure you can do that 20+ metres in a reasonable time (when judged against someone without your walking difficulties), and safely, and to a reasonable standard (again, judged against someone not disabled), plus repeatedly. So if you can do it, but then need a rest before doing it again, or can do it, but are knackered the next day, then essentially you can’t do it.

But before you can ask for a mandatory reconsideration, the DWP need to make their decision. And they will base that decision on the claim form you completed, the evidence you supplied and the face to face assessment.

And if that fails, then you can appeal.

Hopefully it won’t come to that.


Heathwood, I had my face to face at the beginning of July, I agree with you, my “interview” appeared to be fair, except for the fact 1) that the lady had little knowledge of SPMS, 2) didn’t see me standing, 3) suggested I didn’t do a spinal bend as it was clear it would be an issue and then when the report was returned I scored almost nothing! I did the Mand Recon. I went up to 11 points from 4 for living and up to 10 points from 0 for mobility. They are still convinced I can walk up to 50 meters as per any non disabled person. I am appealing and I am very much looking forward to the tribunal when I can go through ALL the BS that has been supplied and documented by 3 people that have never even met me, and the other one who gave me 0 points following a face to face. You must challenge this situation if you feel you should score more points than they give you. Charlie

The old MS cliche, is to try and emphasise how we are on our worse days - and i have had my assessment but nothing back yet, but I felt the young lady, who assessed me, was very understanding of MS and that can be a big part of it in my opinion. But it needs to be more fair for us MSers and other people with similar conditions - DLA was abused in certain quarters to be honest.

Many thanks to all the respondents and I will act appropriately if the final result does not go in my favour.

Had My F2F PIP assessment last Thursday at home, felt it went sort of ok ?

When asked about my walking distance the lady actually asked “how far do you think you can walk”, 10 or 15 mts ? " she didnt really give me an option to give a distance she had already put that figure into her lap top !

Then straight on top she asked " how long would it take you to walk that distance ?", "2 or 3 minutes at a shuffle ", again she had almost made her mind up without any real input from myself.

She finally asked me to do some small movements with my arms, and the asked me to stand up and lean slightly forward touching my shins, but on doing so she said, " I’m stopping the physical examination on health & safety grounds" .

So I cant really gauge how it went ?

All my letters from the MS clinic say I’ve progressed to SPMS, but I dont think the title of SPMS automatically ensures you get PIP or go to the enhanced level. It really depends on how your MS is affecting you, not the actual title your MS has been given.

My sister is still regarded as RRMS but her physical symptoms at present totally outweigh mine.

Agreed. The labels are irrelevant for the assessors. Except of course for PPMS. That, to the uneducated and ignorant (about MS that is) sounds worse than RR or SP.

In fact, the labels are pretty irrelevant to MS itself. It seems to do as it pleases.


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Being awarded PIP all depends on your Assessor on the day.

If they dont like you, you aint gonna get it.

I speak from personal experience.

I guess it’s a bit like being admitted into hospitals, you can be lucky and get treated by some very caring doctors & nurses, but you’ll also find that some of these people have just not got that caring “touch”.

It’s human nature I suppose, after all everyone is different.

There’s been a radio advert running for the last fortnight, maybe longer on our local radio station, advertising for PIP assessors within certain Welsh areas, all that is required is at least 2 years experience within the health service, it doesn’t say whether that be actual medical experience or just working for the NHS, perhaps as an auxiliary nurse or porter ect.

Then again I’ve met some auxiliaries and porters who have more care and thought in their little finger than some actual doctors and nurses.

The advert goes on to say all training will be given ???

How can you train a someone to fully and realistically understand MS and how it effects each and every MS sufferer differently.

But I guess the people applying for these roles dont think about that too much, especially when the starting rate of pay is £36000 !!!

Yes Jactac, I also seem to remember that a genuine GP could not do this sort of assessment because they would be breaking their Hippocratic Oath.

The bit I’m thinking of states that nothing they do should do any harm to a patient, or something like that.

Anyway I wish you all the best with your PIP outcome.


Someone used the words safely, regularly and in a timely manner. Add repeatedly.

Ever answer should be worded so you are thinking about your ability to perform the task in question on a bad day bearing.

I hope his helps