PIP Tribunal & DWP

Hi everyone,

Just after a little advice if possible, I went to tribunal over DWP PIP decision and have been awarded enhanced care and enhanced mobility by tribunal.

That was at the end of June, they have sent all their decisions to DWP nad myself.

I have not ears anything from DWP.

Do I need to contact them about this decision or should DWP be contacting me to sort out payments to enhanced rate

thanks gor the advice

auntie fluffy

I’ve not encountered this before, but in your position, I’d be breaking down the door of the DWP and demanding my back payment asap!!

Hope you get it soon. Congratulations on the Tribunal decision fluffy.


Wonderful news! Auntie Fluffy.

A stress free summer.

I would give them a call.

Best wishes,


Any advice on completing PIP application and what to expect if called up for an evaluation or tribunal. Thanks in advance.

Go to your local CAB. Citizens Advice Centre. That’s why they are there. There’s no legal aid these days, but it’s nothing to worry about, if it’s a genuine case. It’s just a formality. The judges just ask questions on your daily life. They have all the evidence in front of them. Saving all the Neurologist appointments is a good tip.

Thanks PUDDLE.

I am receiving DLA but am currently in process of applying for PIP. My neuro consultant maintains PIP will favour MS sufferers. I am on enhanced rate but would be concerned they will try to put me on the lower rate.

Others who have went through the process have been called up to be evaluated and experienced a horrendous time; e.g. can they stand unaided, bend and stretch, touch their toes, etc, etc. In our area, the process is coordinated by an external party who are obviously working on a bonus scheme based on the number of folk they can either get removed from PIP or at least downgraded as to how much support you get.

I have been warned that you are constantly being evaluated from the very moment you enter the examination room. Would be interested in hearing if anyone else thought the process was degrading!!


My best suggestion for you is to either get help with the form (CAB or other welfare rights specialist) or get some help in the form of on line guides. E.g. Personal Independence Payment - Citizens Advice or think about joining they charge about £20 for a year but it’s worth it.

I didn’t have a personal evaluation. I was assessed on the paperwork.

The other advice is a) supply evidence of everything you say that is likely to gain you points on their assessment, and b) take photocopies of the form and everything you send them.

Good luck.


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Hello I’ve been twice. I was on high mobility & no care on DLA. In 2016 I had my DLA to PIP assessment & was awarded enhanced mobility & standard daily living. My needs got worse so in Feb 2017 my needs were reassessed and I was awarded enhanced rate both components. A professional service on both occasions. I didn’t do anything I couldn’t (I can’t do a lot). The decision was as expected on both occasions. I simply told them as it is. I don’t think they arme oon a bonus as the decisions are made by DWP employee not the external contractors. I think if they see you for the whole time that you are there they get a full picture of how you are. Paul

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Hi bracknagh, i had age concern do mine for me, the lady actually came from DWP lol.

The process was nothing like you described, i was dealt with throughout with respect. As soon as i arrived the guy said to me and my carer, you wont be here long we have had excellent letters and proof of how your illness affects you from both your neuro and your GP.

Thats the key. PROOF. Whatever you write on the form back it up with something. If you have letters saying how your MS affects you then include them. When the form arrives it is dealt with by stranger who doesnt know you, and can only go by what you tick on paper.

PIP is not the same as DLA. Its not about your illness whether you have MS or not, it is about how your illness affects your everyday living, i.e. independence etc. Some people with MS have little issues and go to work and do lots of things without help, others cant get out of bed, so it isnt about the illness its about how the illness affects YOU.

The one trick question a lot of people fail on i have been told is can you plan a journey? They turn up at the centre they drive there and some people say they use their sat nav…well yes you can plan a journey. I belonged to a group on facebook for PIP applications and the amount of people who failed that.

This is brilliant and explains what they look for.

If people fill in their form correctly they shouldn’t need to be asked can they bend and stretch as that proof should have been supplied.

Make sure you get your gp and neuro on your side and give their addresses.

any physio you have, any reports etc.

Dont go alone take someone with you. I cant go alone anyway i cant drive neither would i be safe enough to go on bus or get a taxi on my own, so i went with my hubby in the kangoo with my carer and my wheelchair. I could not do it not for the life of me, i never go anywhere without my care worker, or member of family.

You just have to be honest and make sure the person reading your form understands how your illness affects your life.

I know a lot of people who have been awarded the enhanced rates on PIP and did not have a bad experience. In the main the people are doing their job its not personal.

I must admit i found my assessor a wonderful person, kind and caring.

so dont be too wound up about it, relax, and make sure those forms are filled in right. good luck. Rosie.

Paul i so agree with what you wrote. I was treated exemplarily, went from high rate DLA and middle rate care to ENHANCED in both for PIP so where people say its worse i have no idea, i came out better. I left the office feeling as though i had been treated with huge respect I have nothing but praise for all concerned in who dealt with me. I do not believe they get a bonus either wouldnt that be a conflict of interests.

OK there may have been issues at the beginning as the process was being started, but all the people i talk to now have nothing but good to say about it. A lot of people who fail only do so as they simply dont fill in the forms correctly.

I feel a lot of workers at these assessment etc were treated badly the guy i saw told me that he was threatened a few times with violence and one person said they would burn his house down. I mean really what a way to treat someone who is doing their job, we dont see the other side of it all. I was horrified for him, the stress must be pretty bad.

As you say the decision is the DWP.

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Auntie Fluffie,

you must be thrilled with the result from the appeal. The DWP aim to contact you (in writing) within 28 days of them receiving the paperwork from the appeal. It can take this long as it first needs to go to a case manager for approval and it will then be passed over for a caseworker to check payability (checking if you have been in hospital/residential accomodation/prison/abroad) and to make sure that they have your correct bank account details.They do try and process it as soon as possible. If you want to know where they are up to ring the enquiry line for an update.

Glad everyone has such a positive experience. I guess my Neuro consultant was trying to reassure that PIP will advantage MS sufferers.

Sorry Bracknagh hut I think your neuro was wrong. Many people with long standing MS of all varieties have gone from high rate DLA for both components to lower PIP awards. To be fair, the majority have probably won their reconsiderations or appeals, but the fact remains, it’s a difficult and stressful benefit to claim.



I underline Sue’s observations it is very difficult - I had a lot of help:

  • my GP 30 min appointment to get a letter of support;
  • MS Nurse 45 min appointment for up to date care plan;
  • MS Nurse at the hospital on the phone for 20 mins;
  • Help of two carers at home to write the form and write letters/ statements on how they care for me;
  • plus the help of Citizen’s Advice 30 mins;
  • ​plus online advice from the MS Forum.

I also read widely:

PIP self-test Take the PIP test

PIP is a nightmare which lasts 12 weeks.


Yes not surprised to learn this as the consultant is not going or probably never has gone though the process. That is very reason I am petrified by it. However other contributions here will be very helpful.


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I agree Sue have had such a stressful year with my PIP Appeal!

I have Secondary Progressive MS and last March was given both standard rate of the daily living component and mobility. I had been on enhanced rate for DLA benefit indefinitely and had a Mobility car which I had to either purchase or give up. I went through all the appeals and eventually last Monday went to tribunal where the decisiojn was overturned. I now have standard for daily care and enhanced mobility!

Am so relieved that I can now get on with my life. Unfortunately, my MS has deteriorated with all the worry and stress resulting in me being signed off work since July. Aiming to get back to work, I hope.

Thanks again for your past help, Fay!


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Hi Diane

I’m glad the tribunal overturned the original PIP award. This does seem to be typical, many people given lower rates of PIP are winning their appeals.

It would be so much less stressful if the decision was right in the initial stages.

All I can say to people going through the process now is get evidence from everyone you can which supports your statements on the claim form. Refer to the evidence where appropriate. Include a list of all evidentiary documents with your claim.

And don’t forget to photocopy your entire claim, together with the evidence.

If you don’t have good, expert help with the claim form, consider joining or if you’d rather not pay the £20 per year membership, at least use the guides from Personal Independence Payment - Citizens Advice

If, like Diane, you get a lower award than you feel is appropriate, then write for a reconsideration of the decision. If you feel more evidence would back up your case, then get it, just don’t miss the deadline for reconsideration. If you again fail to get the decision you deserve, then appeal, again don’t miss the deadline. And if you have to appeal, try to get help from the CAB or another expert welfare benefits advisor.

Most importantly, try not to get too stressed by the process. Don’t leave things to the last minute. If you have yet to be invited to make a claim for PIP, start collecting evidence now, and start learning the rules now so when you get to make your clam, you have already made a start.


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We’re winning:

Diane 1 - DWP 0


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Good evening, I’ve got highly active relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis I’ve had two rounds of Lemtrada treatment and a year ago I applied for pip, I got refused on a couple of occasions but wanted to keep fighting for what I thought would come in handy to help go towards extra costs, so I finally got a tribunal date which is in two weeks time I really don’t know what I need to take or prepare for so any help would be much appreciated or what to even expect on the day so advice or tips will be handy and fingers crossed thanks in advance

In terms of PIP assessment I recommend you attend it appearing as you would be on your worst day. Use all walking aids you have and be accompanied by someone to assist you with walking and do not do so for anymore than a few metres without taking rest in a chair or leaning up against someone for support. If possible have a medication report from your GP with you and letters of support from your MS nurse and physio or care attendants who assist you with your needs. Ask who is accompanying you to reinforce the downsides of your condition and emphasise just how important the PIP support is in order for you to live as close as possible normal life. Good Luck.

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