PIP Tribunal & DWP

I think trying to appear as if it’s the worst day is a really terrible idea. If it happens that it’s not your worst day for symptoms, but you are trying to ‘act’ as if it is, you run the risk of looking like a total fraud. Obviously if it is a bad day, then let it show.

Obviously, don’t go to efforts to do things that you normally couldn’t. For example, if you’ve said in your claim that you can’t do up shoe laces and buttons (and you don’t have a carer who helps you dress), don’t go wearing lace up shoes and a button up shirt. If you need to use a walker, a wheelchair or other aid to walk, use it. If it takes you a long time to walk a given distance then make sure you walk / move at that speed. If you need a rest, then take it. If you have to take a taxi to the assessment centre (because of difficulties getting there at other way), make sure they know this. If you need help with personal care, make sure they know.

If you have any written evidence that you’ve not previously submitted, take it and see if you can get it included in their decision making.

Make sure you have company with you (if that’s possible).

Good luck.


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Hello everyone im currently on standard mobility for my health issues but i went to MR for care and enhanced mobility but no luck stayed on the same standard mobility so I’m taking it to tribunal but i called DWP today and they told me that my paperwork is with a case manager my question is is this normal for it to be with a case manager before a tribunal?

I can’t give you a definitive answer, but I would expect that before a tribunal the case file would be given to another (possibly more senior) person to check the original decision and the MR decision and then prepare the case for tribunal. It’s possible at this point for the case manager to overturn the previous decisions or for the case to proceed to the tribunal.

I’ll hope for your sake, that the case manager decides to change the previous decisions and you get a letter giving you a higher award! And soon.


Thank you so much sue i was really confused but you have cleared it up.yes i hope then that case manager will over turn decision