PIP assessment report

I had my assessment report sent to me 2 weeks ago but it hasn’t gone to the decision maker yet. I’m incensed with the lies written about me. Without going into detail she gave me 0 points for following a journey unaided, despite being in a wheelchair which my husband has to push as I have limited movement in my arms. I did get 12 points for not being able to walk backed up by medical evidence. I’m guessing I have to wait and hope the decision maker won’t mark me down as I’m not looking forward to an appeal.

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Hi Frances,

Both those sections are for the mobility so as you can’t walk you’ll get the maximum 12 points so sounds as though you’ll get the Enhanced rate for Mobility.

You don’t mention your daily living. Hope they gave you a fair assessment for that.


Did you get any points on daily living, if not and you only got points on mobility then thats all you will get.My assessor told lies all way through my assessment.I am still waiting for the decision but if the decision maker goes with the report i might get standard for both if they don’t knock points off.They only need to knock one point off and i will get no daily living at all.My face to face was in August.

I did get enough points for daily living thanks, eventhough my right hand has a splint she still said I could prepare and cook a meal !!! NO I can’t!! Anyway now it’s a waiting game. I hope you get the points you need Jaydee, you’ve been waiting a long time. It’s hard to get on with life having this over our heads. I did some digging on the internet about my assessor and found her on an adult only site, each to their own!! Lol


I got my PIP award on friday morning.I went from high rate care and high rate mobility DLA down to standard PIP for daily living and mobility.

So the car goes back.I am too scared to ask for a mandatory reconsideration as i fear i will loose the lot, at least with the standard rate PIP we still get the carers.

My award is for 4 year too.I was expecting 2 year so at least that’s ok.If i had a good neuro to rely on.I would ask for an MR but he thinks my secondary progressive (i was told i had in 2007) MS has magically changed to benign MS.So i don’t have good medical back up,when even the so called specialists thinks i am not that bad.God how i wish my trusty neuro i had for 18 years had not retired.

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Hi Jadee, the reason you have 4 years which is the same for me as well is because our condition is progressive they will assess again and once we have enhanced on both it’s then no more assessments. I rang the decision maker to query why I was given a 4 year sentence and that was the reasoning behind it. I was given standard mobility, no idea why as can walk more than 200 meters and told them so and enhanced care. Again no idea why as from my own marking I was entitled to standard rate only.

Frances I’m so sorry to hear that your assessment was so awful and so many lies have been told. I would strongly recommend that you appeal it. Do you have a good neurologist who will back you up? I was very lucky with mine and thankfully no more reassessment for 10 years. Good luck and appeal it!

Reading this it really does prove it seems it depends on the assessor. I was lucky, mine was a paramedic who came to my home. Really understanding and kind. I won’t go into the all the issues I have but he could see my situation and my neuro and nurse backed all of this up. I waited three weeks for my award and received the enhanced for Mobility and only standard for Daily Living which is probably because I still hold down a full time job, albeit three days a week from home. I was also lucky enough to get the award for six years. It’s horrendous the stress this puts us through when we have enough with the condition itself. Although it will cause more stress, you really must appeal if your receive a poor decision. Best of luck!