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Hi all, I’ve just received my decision on my pip claim I just want to have a moan sorry,I’m really upset with the decision makers reasoning why I don’t meet the criteria I’ve scored 6 on daily living and 0 on mobility and getting around. The letter starts that I have no cognitive impairments as I was observed to have no functional restrictions,I’m really annoyed I know what problems I have and I’ve been made to feel like I’m making something up. I don’t have problems all the time but sometimes it’s like my brain doesn’t want to hold on to information and it get lost somewhere and then pops up at a time when I don’t really need it. Sometimes my speech comes out a bit slurred or my words get all muddled up come out totally wrong but because I answered I can angage with friends or colleagues I have no communication problems. Sorry for the rant just so annoyed,I’m gonna ask for a reconsideration if anyone have any advice its much appreciated, x

Hello jabby

If you’re not aware of the benefits at work website, then it may be worth making yourself a member.


Good luck x

Hi Jabby get back onto them it is about your worst days not the five minutes that you are there for.



you state above that sometimes you have problems and you don’t have problems all the time.

if this is the case and you have this on your form then that is what they would have considered.

you need to put both your good & bad days not just your bad ones.

certainly ask for a reconsideration if you feel they have misinterpreted your conditions & limitations. Please remember that the qualifications have changed for PIP from DLA.

all the best



Well that sucks. It is such a changing disease, not only from day to day but minute to minute. I know Rachael can feel ok when she gets up but by the time she gets down the stairs and to the toilet she is fatigued and dizzy and walking into walls. She has her one on one with the PIP people tomorrow, they are coming to the house to interview her. She is already in receipt of it and I really hope they don’t take it off of her. She is stressed by their visit. She now works part time which she did not do at the time of the original award so I don’t think it will be good news she will receive. I have written down everything that she goes through from her best day to the worst and I just hope they take it all into consideration. Good luck if you go ahead with the reconsidertation. Lx

Well it seemed to go well, the only thing was Rachael also mentioned she was on holiday last week with her best friend without me, she asked for another form of I.D. and Rachael went to get it from upstairs, so hopefully have not shot herself in the foot. Rachael still works although it is becoming harder as they changed her hours and she starts every other week at 7.30 am. which is too early for her and she really struggles to get up and ready and out, I take her to work but it still takes it out of her just getting there. Thanks for the tips Anon, hopefully use them next time if she is turned down this time. L x

Contact disability direct - they are a charitable organisation who will help you in any benefits problems including appealing against a decision, they are very helpful, google for your local office.

Take care, Kate x

Hi thank you for the replies and help,I’ve contacted my Ms nurse to see if she can help with a letter at all and I have an appointment with the disabled advice bureau next week they seem to be very helpful,they even help you fill the forms in at the start of your claim but wasn’t aware of this at the time. I hope all goes well with Rachael’s claim Linda, it was just under 3weeks when I recieved my letter. I will post again when I hear the outcome of my reconsideration x