Hi, I haven’t been on the boards for a while but thought I would ask you all if any of you have been awarded this yet? I went for a assessment last week and wanted to know how long would it be before I gain a decision… My mobility has been slowly going down hill for probs the last couple of years, I also have a major issue with fatigue, I still work 4 days per week and would love to continue doing so but just getting there can be a struggle. The assessment went well I think, but you never know what they will put in their reports!!! An odd question was asked, he said, do you go on holiday to which I replied I have just been away in this country for 1 week and had to hire a wheel chair, I also explained I don’t go abroad due to the heat, does anyone know why they ask this? Lots of thanks to anyone who has taken the time to read :))

Hi, did you have a go at the self assessment test, prior to go for the real thing?

I`ll be going through the test in 2015.

I`ll be interested to read any replies you get.

Hope you are awarded what you need hun.


Hi poll Yes I did the self assessment it did say I would be awarded but just for mobility standard I think? I do hope somebody has been through it, or going through it! And I get some replies :slight_smile: Maybe it’s similar questions on the DLA assessment? Fingers crossed I don’t get refused… X

I had to ring them and ask for an extension today… I had time off work when I had to faff around and send them a copy of my marriage certificate (NI no. still in my maiden name) but when the forms finally showed up… well between trying to keep up with working on a contract and fatigue, well I haven’t done anything and then I get a letter stating I need to submit the forms by next week or they might disallow my claim! Eeek!!! So,it’s fair to ay I’m a bit behind with things - Sonia x

I have completed the forms and now waiting for them to say I need to go for assessment or tell me I don’t qualify. How long did that take? It took them over 3 weeks to send me the forms. Good luck

Hi, It took 8 weeks from submitting the form to getting the assessment, a long wait and then the assessment centre was over an hour away, they had none closer! Sonia - I had the same problem had so much going on and in the middle of a relapse I ended up submitting forms with no extra evidence. When I got to the assessment I asked if they had contacted my ms nurse and physio, he explained he didn’t have any information on this as that would be with the case manager at DWP…so fingers crossed they got their own evidence. Good luck with your claims xx