Thought I share my good new I am getting my mobility PIP back now I can order my new car. After a mandatory appeal they have reinstated it what a was of 8 weeks stress but yippee x


That’s great news Cathy, shame it took so long with so much stress but the end result was good!


Great news Cathy. Just proves (again) that they get decisions wrong and you shouldn’t just roll over and take no for an answer.

The whole PIP thing is sooooooooo stressful - I had my assessment for transfer from DLA to PIP last week and my heart is in my mouth every time I hear the post arrive (even though I know it s going to be weeks before it arrives)

Great news, shame about the stressful hoop jumping

Brilliant news. Just goes to show, it always a good idea to challenge a negative PIP assessment.


Yes, peeps, do challenge a turn down.

14 thousand people have lost their motability cars!


So pleased for you Cathy.

luv Poll xxx

How fantastic, good for you!

Hi Cathyh21 at present I recieve high rate on both sides of dla and im absolutely dreading when I get called to change over to pip …what my problem is I can walk but not very far with out causing pain plus my valance is getting worse what I’d like to know is how did you go on at the assessment in regards to walking

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I walked in on crutches and didn’t even get lower mobility. I had advice from a benefits advisor got a letter off my gp saying I can’t reliably, reasonably or regularly walk 20 metres and can’t use public transport , that’s the sentence you need for 12 points good luck

Thanks Cathyh21 because I dnt go out much due to anxiety and panic attacks,after walking a bit it causes pain and discomfort plus my balance is getting worse.