PIP and indefinite DLA

Morning, I have received my letter regarding moving from DLA to PIP.

I was just wondering how I stand as I have DLA for care and mobility indefinite, can they still make me complete the new forms for PIP or not.

I would have thought that as I am on higher rate for both that I should have just been left alone or moved over without the forms and possible assessment

Thanks for any advice

aunty fluffy

Hello auntie fluffy

Unfortunately, everyone has to be migrated over from DLA to PIP, indefinite award or not. I’m in the same boat, as are many of us on here. Just waiting for the dreaded form to plop through the letterbox.

So, you have to go through exactly the same process that you did to get your DLA award, only there are different rules. Have a look at the CAB information: Personal Independence Payment - Citizens Advice

I would suggest that you get some help completing the forms, i.e. from the CAB or another welfare rights advisor. If you’re going to be doing it alone, or with the help of someone who’s not an expert, you could also consider joining They charge about £20 per year for membership, but they have excellent guides to claiming which in my opinion, make it worthwhile.

Bes of luck with it.



Yes, unfortunately, as Sus says, all except the over 65s on a set date, on DLA have to make a new claim for PIP.

I too was awarded top rates for DLA indefinitely and the very thought of the form filling, assessments and waiting worry me a lot too.

Just take your time filling the forms in, get help if possible, and also send evidence and care plans if you have any, with your forms.

Then good luck and hope for the best in the decision making.

luv Pollx

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One thing to keep in mind with your PIP application is that the DWP won’t seek medical evidence from your healthcare providers. It’s up to you to get confirmation of the effect of your condition from your neuro or MS nurse. For various reasons I didn’t have time to get such evidence and now I’m having to go through the Mandatory Reconsideration process. You really don’t need that kind of hassle if you’re on high rate for both components. I’d set the ball rolling with the relevant people at the same time as contacting the DWP, just to make sure the medical evidence is available by the time the application form arrives.

I saw my MS nurse on Thursday and we talked about PIP for some time. She said it was crazy and unfair that people with indefinite awards for DLA have to go through the stress of the PIP application process. It would have been quicker and cheaper for the government if those people had been moved straight across at the same rates. But no. They changed the criteria for the two components so we’ve all got to go through the stress and hassle of reapplying.


Thank you everyone for your replies.

Some good advice for me, I contact my MS nurse next week and book an appointment to have a long chat with her to sort out medical evidence.

I have been a member of benefits and works before, and i found them very good, but I have forgot about them, I will now rejoin.

Thanks again

auntie Fluffy

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I am now waiting for the brown envelope to drop through my letterbox.I filled the form in about 4 weeks ago, and still waiting on the outcome of being on indefinite dla on to pip.They did contact my ms nurse to ask all the relevant questions,but I did not have a face to face,so unlike what most people say that they do not contact your medical team,they do!!.

I would advise anyone who is senior citizen like me, to ask Aged Uk to send in someone to help complete the form. they are brilliant and thorough.

It is really important as my lady said you must have lots of evidence to hand, the more you give the less likely you will have to be assessed.

Whether they contact your healthcare providers may depend on who handles your application. Mine was handled by Capita and they definitely didn’t ask any of my HPs for supporting evidence. You’re lucky not to have had a face to face assessment. I have a feeling that the decision makers don’t always use the information in the assessor’s report. Either that or the report on my face to face assessment was totally inaccurate.

It sounds to me that the process of getting evidence in support of PIP depends on whether:

  • It’s Capita or ATOS who does the assessment
  • How you (or your welfare benefits advisor) has completed the form
  • The supporting evidence you supply
  • Whether you’ve had a physical medical assessment in the past - i.e. so they have existing evidence on file
  • The decision makers mood (obviously I’ve made this one up, but it’s possible, given the differing experiences people have)

And it may even depend on whereabouts in the country you live. There could be different procedures from one office to the next. Or one decision maker may have different views to the next about how to read your evidence.

I suspect that the best way of submitting your claim is to

  • Make sure you’ve familiarised yourself with the PIP descriptors and the points awarded for each descriptor (see: )
  • Take your time completing the form
  • Ensure you’ve included examples to demonstrate how you fit the desciptors
  • Send whatever evidence you can to back up your claim, don’t overload them but if you have for e.g. a neurologists letter, a letter from your MS nurse or physio, a care plan from your local authority, any other document that independently shows your abilities with regard to mobility and care
  • And of course, photocopy the whole document and send it recorded delivery

Obviously, if you have expert help available, then use it (CAB or other welfare rights), alternatively, use the CAB guidance: Personal Independence Payment - Citizens Advice or join and use their guides.


The lady who saw me, said for six months any evidence. Anyway i supplied her with. 1. Letter from Neuro requesting an appointment for pain clinic, and it clearly said i was diagnosed with MS and it was now progressive. 2. The letter from the pain clinic doctor after he saw me, and again it clearly showed i had MS and also TEA and that i was very anxious person, rarely went out etc which supported my claim. I hasten to add this was several months prior to being told i had to change over to PIP. 3. A full report a year old of my care plan by my social worker obviously this was PRE MS diagnosis, but it showed how i was given 10 hours support a week, and also lots of other things supporting my claim (I am much worse now - have been waiting for another assessment since February but they are really short staffed). 4. A letter from my neuro to my doctor with a plan for medication for my TEA, and MS. 5. A list of all my aids and why i used them. (She thought this was very useful). She did seem keen on aids to be honest. I was lucky as she took it all, and what she didnt she evidenced it on my forms.

Well, obviously I have been really lucky.

I had the letter back in June 20016, going from indefinite mobility (highest) and care (lowest) to PIP.

Whilst they decided on PIP ,DLA would continue.

I filled the form in (no third party other than wife), put down my Neurologist, MS nurse and doctor as medical contacts, but did not get any letters from them and was summoned to an interview in Birmingham (30 mins by car)…obviously a tad worried !

The girl/woman doing the interview was very nice, although she didn’t seem to write down everything I or my Wife said and I really doubt she had any medical training.

Anyway 6 weeks later PIP letter arrived. Enhanced mobility, Standard living…an Increase of some 30.00 a week with a 2 year period.

So since October I have been on PIP and from that point of view nothing has changed. Result!.

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Any advise available! Re completion of pip paperwork. I received the dreaded brown envelope yesterday informing me of the transfer from DLA!

I have not got my initial application of DLA copy still, as it was so long ago this was awarded & have moved house. I am dreading this process & would be grateful if any support guidance available

Tia Alison x



The best advice I can give you is to either join and/or get help completing the form from the CAB or another welfare rights advisor.

Plus, start getting evidence together of your medical needs and level of disability. This can include copy letters from your MS nurse, neurologist, physio, any other professionals you see. Plus care plan if you have one.


i went from high rate care and mobility under DLA to standard rate for both under PIP.

i challeged it and was due to go to tribunal but the stress was killing me so i decided not to.

tory is a 4 letter word beginning with T.

there is another 4 letter word beginning with T (wat)

and it cheers me up to swear in an alliterative way.

I think that’s a load of bollux Carole. And I like to swear about the DWP in whatever way best suits, stuff alliteration. It’s crap that you gave up because of the stress.