Hi, I have just started my claim for PIP, after being on DLA since I was 14. Was wondering if anyone on here had already been through this and how it went? How do I fill in the forms when I get them? What is the assessment like? Also, they said that I will still get my DLA until the make a decesion, is this right? thanks xxx

Best advice I can give is to join benefits and work (about £20.00) to access excellent guides on filling in the forms and going through the whole process. My turn to swap to PiP has not yet come but I used them for a successful ESA claim. and yes your DLA will carry on until the assessment is completed



Citizens advice will fill them in for you, they filled in my ESA and DLA. I donated the £20.00 I would have paid benefits and work. I’m not saying CAB are better I just found it easier and less stressful.

Good luck

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Ive been on PIP for 18 month, just got my renew form through today as they send it out a year before your award ends think due to how long it takes to process them.

First time I filled them in I was lucky to be awarded without an assessment as I just sent as much evidence as I had. I’m hoping for the same with this renew but probably more likely to be sent for an assessment this time around. It took about 5 months from when they first received my form to when my awarded was finalised and was awarded for 2 and half years. Ive seen other people waiting up to a year for their claim to be finalised. Fingers crossed your claim doesn’t take aslong as that.

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Well, I have filled in the form as best I can, will get my mum to write something in it as well. Have got my certificate of visual impairment to send to them, and my repeat prescription card, but that is all I have to send with it. Hoping and praying that I get it and that it doesn’t take too long as my dla runs out end of july xxx

Not trying to be rude, but unless your mum has a medical degree, a letter from her while it might tell them what you go through, would probably not be counted as evidence since it can’t be proven. It would be better getting one from a GP/Neuro/Consultant/MS nurse/eye doctor even since they have the medical background.

Yes, a letter from your mom saying how your health is and how it effects you can help give a personal look at your situation, but I was told it doesn’t make a huge difference, it is written or tested evidence they want to see :confused:

Good to include a copy of the prescription card tho, will show them what you are on and how often you take meds. and saves having to write it all out if its a lot :stuck_out_tongue:

If you can get your GP, your Consultant and or MS Nurse to write a letter in support of your application it will help greatly, this is proof of your condition if not proof of your limitations. CAB will fill the forms in for you if you cant face the prospect yourself. Always keep a copy of the application for future reference.

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cost about £10 for gp to write a letter in support of your application.

Just make an appointment to discuss it.

Of course, include your mum’s statement too. Don’t be in a rush to return the form. Use as much time as you have before the return date.

Good luck xx

In fact, if you have time, get citizens advice to go through the form. You can fill another form in you know.



Ideally you want to send as much evidence as you can as it likely to get processed quicker but I wouldn’t worry about having very little to send them. They will contact your G.P, specialist and MS nurse if you include their details on your application.

When I first filled out my application I asked my G.P and nurse for a supporting evidence and both told me just to include their details and they would be contacted. My G.P said it was unnecessary for me to pay her for medical evidence when they would request this from her anyway and ask specific question to deal with my claim. My G.P then received a huge report to fill in from them basically the question I answered. She phoned me during her consultation time when she was filling it in to check a few details.

Ive just filled out my renew form and like you Im about thinking about what evidence I can send along with it.

All the best with your claim.


It isn’t a letter my mum has written, just a couple of paragraphs about how my disabilities affect me on a daily basis, in the extra information section. I have nothing else to send. Don’t have an MS nurse, or a neurologist or anyone. When I was diagnosed in 2009, they said i have most likely had it since childhood, and there is nothing they could do. Then they discharged me. I haven’t seen anyone apart from my GP and continence nurse. Just have to hope that’s enough. xxx

Get contact details for your GP and your continence nurse (contact them first tho to ask if they are ok with being contacted). You need as much medical evidence as possible or they will not award anything/you will have to redo the forms. As people here have said you really should contact someone to help fill out the form, especially since you don’t have a lot of evidence. they might be able to suggest who you contact to get more

I can only repeat what I said earlier.

The only person I trust when it come to these applications, is me. I prefer to know that I have put all I need to in the envelope.


And I keep copies of everything. Things have a habit of going missing.


I’m beginning to worry about this. No doubt the application will be dropping through the letterbox in the not too distant future. Losing my DLA if I’m refused PIP will have a massive impact on my life.

I’m worse now than when I was first granted DLA so in theory I should be ok, but I keep hearing about people losing their benefit or Motability cars being taken back. I tackled my local MP who assured me the threshold had not been raised, but of course we all know MP’s are not to be trusted don’t we? So why are these people being refused PIP when they had DLA?

My concern is that although I think I’m able to complete the form, I think I’m lucid enough etc, although I’ll know better when I’ve seen it. Who do I get to support my evidence?

I don’t have a neurologist, he discharged me because “I can’t do anything for you.” I last saw him three years ago and I’ve deteriorated since then anyway, so I can’t see a report from him being much use. I don’t have an MS nurse, I have a contact number for the MS nurses for advice, but they don’t know me and have never seen me. My GP retired a couple of years ago, he knew me well, but I’ve only seen his replacement a couple of times, he knows I use a wheelchair, but has no idea of the impact MS has on me overall.

i know I shouldn’t worry too much about what might happen, because it might not, but I don’t know how I’ll manage if I lose the money.

ok your GP will have notes from previous visits, include them for evidence or put a note on the form for the assessors to contact the practise to get your notes/talk about them, the notes should include info from your past neuro in them. a report from him would be evidence of diagnoses even if you haven’t seen him for 3 years.

Even tho the neuro has said there is nothing they can do, maybe try a different one?? You should still be able to contact someone if you have problems. Maybe phone the MS nurse for advice, it doesn’t matter if you have never met the person before, might be time to start talking to them. You might need to start a working relationship with the nurse, even if it is a phone call asking for advice since the nurses can really help when it comes to getting evidence.

people are refused for many reasons. not enough evidence, the assessor has either no idea how MS works/doesn’t think the person is as bad as they say etc You can appeal if it is not successful (remember this if they deny your application and go this route)

I really do think you need to get help filling the forms out because you don’t know what to include and seem very unsure of the whole thing. Yes you could fill them out yourself, but before the forms are sent you read them to make sure they are right if someone else helps you. With the concerns you have about losing a benefit, you don’t want to have to go through this again if it is denied.

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well, I have sent it off, with what little evidence I have. Hoping and praying that I get awarded standard rate care and enhanced rate mobility xxx