PIP letter has arrived !!!!!!

Hi - DW&P have got around to me to end my DLA and i have to apply for PIP. (Must admit the letter does sound quite brutal ) I have made the phone call and started the process and now waiting for the PIP 2 form.

I would be grateful for any advice on completing this form, especially if you have been through it already.


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Join Benefits & Work and use their guides to help fill in the form. It costs £20 to join, but it’s worth it. Make sure you have medical evidence when you send the form back. You can’t rely on them getting it for you and it’s important for the decision making process.

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I’m in the middle of my own. It’s hard work. But definitely use http://www.benefitsandwork.co.uk/ it costs about £20 but believe me, it’s well worth it.



Hello Casey C,

Had my DLA migration to PIP last year - enhance for both care and mobility - took me three weeks to write up, with help.

I did find these links [see below] very helpful and my GP and MS Nurse both provided evidence to include in my claim form.

The GP letter did cost me £12 but it was worth it! The MS Nurses care/management plan was free.

I did not have a face-to-face assessment, because I provided so much evidence from healthcare folk who had seen me in the last two weeks.

You need to give a clear picture of how you manage everyday activities - carers or relatives statements on how they help you with daily activities should also be included and signed.

Altogether I included 7 documents/statement as evidence.

Ask specific questions if you wish privately, because the PIP form is so intrusive and personal. Well I found it so.

Best of luck!


Some references I used.

Wheelchair Services


MS Society PIP


MS Managing Falls


PIP Citizen’s Advice



Work and Benefits


Advice Now- How to win a PIP appeal


Hi Fay

thank you so much for all your advise and info. i have begun to put evidence together already but never thought of letters from family confirming what they do.

i thought that with lots of evidence from me they wouldnt bother with face to face and that seems to be the case.

heres hoping it goes through smoothly.


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PIP: Ready. Steady. Go!

Just found the sample PIP application form [see below] - worth using to write up your answers on the computer before the brown envelope arrives. Good to keep a copy of your answers if the DWP loose your form etc.,.

I got my daughter to type my replies - then we cut them out and stuck them on to the pages of the form when it arrived. The DWP scan the document into their system.

If you have a specific problem with a question you can ask away. It is a long form so take your time.

Good to get professional help: Once you have written up your answers - as a report on yourself - show it to the Citizens Advice or other charity to double check you have not missed anything.

The PIP process takes about 12 weeks. So be prepared.


Sample PIP application form here: