Well, I’ve done it, completed and posted the claim form. Now the waiting game I suppose. I don’t imagine for one moment it will be granted without the face to face interview/medical. Anyone any idea how long it might be before that happens?

I am still resentful that we are being treated as fraud suspects. MS is very real as is its impact on my life every minute of every day.

Hi Flowerpot well done for getting the form in.

Mine took six or seven months to get a face to face interview ( interview May this year), then after that the decision was fairly quick around three weeks. It said in the decision letter I will be reviewed in 2017, so two years is not that long.

From what I have read on the BBC webpages they are considering taxing disability benefits like other European countries do, I guess we could find out on the 11th July.


Well done hun. I imagine the forms are as horrendous as the ESA and DLA ones.

My time will be coming too…the forms I mean…that sounds weird!

Good luck with the result.

How long have ou been on DLA?

I`ve been on it 15 years!!!

luv Pollx

I’ve been DLA for about ten years, highest rate for mobility, then about seven years ago I got the middle rate for help with personal care.

Yes, the forms are as bad as for DLA! I was surprised no mention is made of care overnight or getting in and out of bed. Some of the questions seemed odd though, but I suppose not all would be relevant to all people.

I found a spelling mistake though. It asks about steps and getting up and down the “curb” it was spelt K E R B when I was at school, albeit a long time ago.