DLA to PIP - my experience

From time to time I see posts from people concerned about the transition from DLA to PIP so I thought I’d share my experience with you.

i have PPMS I was diagnosed in 2006 and was granted the highest rate mobility component of DLA. I had actually been examined by a DWP doctor. In 2008 having deteriorated I was then granted the middle rate for help with personal care indefinitely.

Two years ago I received the letter telling me to ring the number to start my claim for PIP. I had deteriorated further by this time. The forms arrived, I completed them absolutely honestly within the time limit and waited. I’d included copies of letters from my consultant to my GP And one from the community occupational therapist.I was not filled with much confidence when I noticed a spelling mistake on the form! I was called for a face to face assessment which took place in hospital premises less than two miles away.

I had been advised by a local disability charity worker that if they tried to send me miles away to tell them I was not able to travel so far.

The assessor was a female Occupational Therapist by profession so at least she had some awareness of MS and its impact on daily life. She asked me to go through my day, getting up, showering, washing, dressing, eating etc. She went through questions on computer and input the answers directly. Some of them seemed to be the same as I’d answered on the form. She explained it was not her decision. She asked about hobbies, pastimes etc.

The only physical tests were to squeeze her fingers, to place my heel across to the top of the opposite foot and slide it up towards my knee - both legs. Couldn’t do that at all. She asked to see me walk. I try to get about at home on crutches, but with dropped foot and now unable to raise either leg from the hip she was satisfied with watching just a few steps.

i got a letter telling me I’d got enhanced rate for both mobility and help with care for three years. The whole process took about six weeks.

About a month ago, possibly because I’d rung the DWP with an enquiry, I got a letter telling me they were looking at my claim again, another form to complete and another deadline. The form went over all the previous questions asking if it was easier, the same or harder than last time. Mostly it was harder. I got a phone call from a very nice lady who wanted to clarify what I’d said.

She then said she has enough info to make a decision and would be extending my PIP payments. I got the letter yesterday telling me I’d got highest rate for both "ongoing. This took about four weeks. Presumably they’ll contact me from time to time to make sure I haven’t made a miraculous recovery!


hi flowerpot

i’m so pleased that you have been given a decent award.

it would be better if they didn’t want to keep seeing you again but hey they are only bureaucrats.

enjoy your good days as much as you can.

carole x

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Great post.

I applied for PIP back in January, expecting standard rate for mobility, so could get an automatic blue badge and railcard.

Again filled in the form with loads of information from a medical diary I keep then thorough face to face interview.

Ended up with standard living and enhanced mobility. Amazed and thrilled.

Today I took delivery of a brand new Ford Focus Estate with a hoist for my chair and scooter. Nothing will stop me now.

Booked a two night stay in a hotel/spa in October on my own as I’ll be able to take my scooter all by myself.

Thanks for the post. I relied on someone elses post to give me an idea of what to expect.

This site is a great place for support and information.

Thank you

Jen xx


Really pleased you have the award you deserve. I have my face to face at home tomorrow (Monday) and really dreading it. Xx

Good luck Jaycie x

Good, good, good.

I’m so pleased for you

I just want everyone to go through the process as smoothly as possible and as beneficially as they deserve.

Good luck Jaycie


this is a great outcome to a very worrying time.

Hope we see more of these success stories.

Still awaiting my summons!


Thanks Flowerpot your description of the entire PIP process is assuring. I also receive enhanced rate, ongoing for both parts.

DWP will check all ‘on going’ results after a minimum period of a 10 year period.

IF our circumstances change, such as live in a care home, we have to notify them of change before the 10 year period.

Jaycie, the waiting is horrendous though I believe all MS patients will receive their correct award. Polls, when your “summons” to apply comes through, we’re here to help with every step, pun intended :-)) xx

I’m very pleased for you. I know numerous people who have had mixed experiences. Mostly good experiences like ours. One however, had a silly experience and lost all her benefits plus her blue badge in one hit. Unfortunately whenI posted about her I got called a liar so I’ll keep that to myself this time.

florence whether or not you use your real name or post anon, i have no idea who you are therefore even less idea who your friend is. the type of troll who would call you a liar must be off his or her head! don’t waste head space on them. we’re all just random people on here, some say things i agree with and others i let float by. carole x

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I don’t think you were actually called a liar Florence. But since you deleted the post concerned we’ll never know now.

We don’t necessarily have to agree all the time to have a conversation. And when it’s about benefits, if someone appears to be incorrect in what they’re saying, therefore maybe misleading others, people who do understand the rules regarding the various benefits will say when something doesn’t seem right.

If you felt personally attacked on that occasion, I am sorry for that.