DLA and ESA have NOT got a CLUE.

i asked for a review on my DLA as I only get low mobility.Well there staff can NOT give a straight answer.I am now into my 19th week of waiting and still no further along.

They said they were waiting for a reply from my OT and it CLEARLY states on my application I am WAITING to see an OT and to contact my GP.

They had no reply from an OT as I did not have one at the time.They then wrote to my GP...

They should of wrote to my GP in the first place,IDIOTS.

Now lets explain ESA very quickly.

Now I am still waiting for an appointment for a medical and have asked for a home visit.

How ever many many phone calls later they tell me to get a support letter from my GP.

They gave me a list of what my GP needs to put in the support letter.




Do I warrant a home medical.

In my GP,s opinion am I fit for work.

And the final question

When does your GP expect you to be cured of Multiple Schlerosis.

Well the Benifits agency have out done themselves on this one question.

I am disgusted and very upset that we get treated this way...





I pm you if you want have some good links, o the ones in my cuffs.

Try this or disabled law society, don’t have URL

Or this one

Don’t let em get you down or frustrate yo

Take it easy

Mike x :slight_smile:

Sorry bout you name I knew who you were my fingers didn’t

Thats ok Mike I do the same.Some times I correct myself and sometimes I say what the heck.I actualy understand everything you write.So please do not worry.

Anyway my GP just called and asked me about what I needed in a support letter so I told her the list.

Then I told her could you please tell them when I will be cured,my gosh she laughed so hard,I said however I would ignore that bit in the letter.I said honestly they do not have a clue.

So I explained what ESA was and how they are trying to sign us off benefits and into work.She was disguated.

She said do NOT worry I am now going to write them a very stern letter.


She also said the neuro sent them a very rude letter.My GP,s had been trying for weeks to try and get my LP earlier.They could not get a hold of him or his secatary by phone,email or fax.

The letter rambled on and said how dare they try and jump the que and push a patient up the waiting list?

Hello my doctors see how ill I am and were trying to help,yes I agree how rude he is.


It's enough to drive you round the twist. 

I personally find this type of thing very stressful, and I always feel unwell for quite a time after.

The form filling is just horrendous and I know that these forms have been very cleverly designed to subtly make us contradict our own answers and therefore trick us into being ineligible without any recourse. I've also found out that there are a number of applicants who find the form filling part so difficult that they just give up, which is what I almost did.  Well, it's okay by me if it weeds out the malingerers, but I worry for the poor souls who genuinely need the help and who are defeated by the complexity of the forms. I see it as being worse than bullying.

Then there's the long drawn out periods of waiting for a decision, as you, me and many others are experiencing right now.  I feel for you, I really do and I don't know what to say except: I hope you will eventually get an answer that is in your favour, and if not then you may need to appeal in which case please get some professional advice.   

All the best to you.


Hi I got my DLA in 5 weeks they gave me full motobility 12 months back dated to may so 9 months left can’t get car cos I gotta ave 12 months left

Well blummin ummer, eh? And chuffin` `ell too!

A cure for MS? Now that would be marvelous. No wonder we struggle when we are in the hands of the totally ignorant!

Making me mad..............

luv Pollx


I have filled in so many of the DLA forms for other people and I always warn them the questions are to catch you out and reworded in diffrent sections.The forms I fill in for others often yeild a DLA payment.I can fill in one of my nephews forms with my eyes closed and he gets awarded DLA every time.

Congrats Mike...It is worth the fight but not the stress that goes with it.

@MS43,I totaly agree,if the benefits agency know of a cure and the experts do not then they need to share it with us all because many of us will be first in the que.

I belive the idiots are given a set list of what to tell ESA claiments and that is were the cure came in,they clearly do NOT teach there idiot staff anything about medical conditions.

Well my brillaint GP who has fought my corner every inch of the way has written me a letter for the ESA I also gave her the adress to send it.

Now lets see if I get a home medical or no medical at all would suite me just fine.

Sounds terrible but before they came to my home I would push myself to do loads of cleaning and then be totaly pooped when they knocked my door and would be fit for nothing.