ESA success (for once!)

I was on contribution based ESA until April when it was stopped. I was in the wrag group, I appealed but it didn’t change anything. Anyway after it finished I was sent an appointment for a medical and was told this was so they would keep paying my ni contributions so I went. I have just received a letter saying I have been placed in the support group and payments have been restarted. It is such a relief as we were really struggling. Hope others are as successful Xx

WOOHOO at last something good has happened for you.


Thanks pip all I need now is the GP to listen properly on Wednesday and it will have been a good week Xx

Well Done to you!

At least thats one thing off of your mind. Fingers crossed for the GP appointment. Let us know how it goes.

Take care,



Karen x

well done ! glad to hear your news xx

Nikki Nice one- hope it spurs you on for your DLA application Mike x

Thanks everyone :smiley: Mike I already get dla for my epilepsy. I get mrc and lrm. Xx

Great news!

Pat x

Well as you have DLA you should get “disability premiums” Mike x

Don’t know what they are mike. If they are income based we won’t be eligible for them. Xx

Hi if you follow this link and look at the ESA payment rates Try this link the post may appear twice as the original is ques for mod Mike

I have posted a link and it is bein moderated Mike

Wonder why they have started doing that! I will google it. Thanks for your help Xx

If you google ESA rate and follow the link for benefits now then follow ESA rates Mike

Thanks mike will look now Xx

No it hasn’t - it’s still there.




No it hasn’t - it’s still there.



[/quote] I can’t see it but then I can be pretty thick lol

I am still waiting to here about the medical for ESA and DLA now has gone over the 11 weeks to 13 weeks and still no answer…

I wondered if they were dealing with the two and decide maybe on both around the same time.DLA low mobility is for indefinate so I wonder if the rise if I get it will also be indefinate.Just wondering what the delays are.

I need a little bit more luck then I can be almost stress free…