New to Forum and have read some very interesting Posts re PPMS. I am thinking of applying for DLA although I have had PPMS for 16 Years.Any ‘golden rules’ to use when filling out the Form on line? Thanks


I would advise you to get the help of either Benefits and Work site or your local welfare rights centre when filling in the form. Also get some supporting letters from your gp and any health care professionals who are involved with your care be that ms nurse, physio. Its a good idea to keep a diary because as you’ve been living with ms for 16 years things become second nature and you don’t realise help you need to do certain tasks, i did this recently when I had to fill in review forms, surprising what you take for granted, so just whiteout a typical day from when you get up (so write down what help you get or if you don’t get help with certain things says so and say why you would benefit from it.

Hi Tom… Welcome to our little gang!!!

I give the same advice as Deanne… join the ‘Benefits and Work’ website. It’s about £20 for annual membership but worth every penny. They have step-by-step guides to apply to each benefit that are written by lawyers who are benefit specialists.

I was refused DLA the first time I applied. I re-applied using the guide and got a good award. I realised then how my first application was no good… didn’t put nearly enough detail etc… so believe me it’s worth it.

Good luck with the application and let us know how you get on!

Pat x

Hello Tom

I did mine 12 years ago. I found the “How many times a week” questions hard. Think of the worst case scenario; that is if you’re not supporting yourself with a stick or not being careful walking around or tackling stairs. Put yourself in the position of your worst state-when you are most fatigued. Finally-take your time and talk it through with those who know you best.

Good wishes, Steve Mc

I’m too going through the procedure. Panicking in case they reject me, which they did first time I applied.

For the how many times a week question, I put every day. Got help from someone filling it in and I would advise you do the same. Citizens Advice was the place that I was told to see but you have to make an appointment and there’s a long line. So my advice is get help and book an appointment now and get a form from DWP as your claim is backdated to the date when you contact them, along with a date when the form should be returned.

Hi Tom,

I agree with all of the above. I have just finally posted my completed form and I used the step by step guide from the Benefits and work website thats has been mentioned…it helped so much Tom. I would thoroughly recommend it.

Wishing you lots of luck.


Another benefitsand work fan here! My first application was refused and the reasons they gave made it look like they hadn’t even read my form. I’ve heard a lot of people say this so if it happens to you, please don’t give up (I think that’s what they’re hoping for). I appealed and got it on reconsideration (HRM & LRC). Just about to reapply.

Best of luck,


That happened to me mags.

I got kicked out after 2 days and I didn’t bother appealing. Now I’ve re-applied as I know I’ve got PPMS and there is no medication available. I’ve got more examples since my first application and am certain to appeal if things don’t go my way. Hoping my MS nurse saying I’m to be fitted for a wheelchair swings it for me.


I think I hold the world record in the turn around time between applying for DLA and beng awarded it! My advice is, as the others say, put as much detail in as possible. Also, think about getting someone who knows you well to fill it in as they see your daily difficulties differently to you (my husband competed mine). Also, send all and any paperwork you have about your condition, any tests undergone, hospital appointments, medication etc…

Good luck

I’m getting concerned now as last time I applied it was acknowleged straight away. I sent my latest one over a week ago and no acknowledegment. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

Means nothing Mr Grumpy. I have waited ages for a good positive result, and another time I got a result very quicly that was also a positive.

Just depends I suppose on how many applications the person is dealing with.

Don’t worry. A week is nothing. I’ve waited much longer than that.

Pat x

Hi Tom

Just wanted to say welcome to “our gang” and to give my

best wishes for a positive outcome for your DLA, and everyone

else who has applied.

Pam x

[quote=“Mr Grumpy”]

I’m getting concerned now as last time I applied it was acknowleged straight away. I sent my latest one over a week ago and no acknowledegment. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

[/quote] I’ve recently been reviewed and I received no acknowledgement until 11 weeks, I had read on the net you hear within 10 days! Anyway they then wrote to say contacting consultant, finally got reply 17 weeks later.

Got an acknowledgement today. If they write to me again in 2 days, it will be a knock back as they haven’t looked at it properly.

Yes, I got my acknowledgement today and they said if I haven’t heard from them in 8 weeks feel free to ring them, so that was nice LOL!!!

Almost papped myself this morning when a letter from DWP started with “I’m sorry…we can’t give you a decision yet as we’re waiting a reply from your consultant.”

At least it wasn’t knocked back straight away as it was before.

He he! Got the same letter…why, oh, why do they start these lettesr with I’m sorry!!!

Got everything crossed for you Mr Grumpy.



Yes; they often reject you first time, finding any excuse to not pay out. But if like me you appeal right away you’re likely to be granted it. Within a year I was on the highest rate, but you must re-apply each time with worsening conditions, as they don’t tell you this in the hope that you’ll go away. Don’t ever go away if you are genuine as you are entitled to this payment even if you work.

The boy Grumpy has received a reply from my claim and I’ve been awarded the highest rate of Mobility and the highest rate Care.

Next job will be to ring the Disability Helpline to see if I can claim anything else.

Hi, so Mr Grumpy is now Mr Happy, eh?

So pleased for you.

Check on your eligibility for exemption/help with costs for prescriptions, specs and dentistry.

Get a form from dentist or docs or on line. Think it`s an HC1…

luv Pollx