1st DLA claim....what to expect?


I recently filled out a claim form for DLA. Have had RRMS for 5 yrs but the last 12 months have been v difficult and had 2 massive relapses. I just can’t manage like i used to and had to reduce my hours at work drastically. My MS nurse told me that she had filled in a questionnaire about my health. I;m assuming that my consultant will get one and my GP too? Bit worried as my consultant went on maternity leave earlier than she planned so dunno if hers has been completed.

This is my 1st experience of claiming benefit. Will DLA take my MS Nurse/Doctors/Consultants/my word for it or do they examine me independantly. Have heard a few rumours about home visits when doctors don’t fill out forms properly.

I have to have help from my husband to cook a hot meal safely (unless its REALLY simple and not heavy) as I have dropped numerous saucepans/trays full of hot food everywhere, I do need some help with self care these days, struggle with mobility and can’t do much in the way of housework.

I have no idea if this is enough to qualify - MS nurse thought it was and was surprised I hadn’t claimed before.


You sound exactly like me when I first claimed, it’s quite daunting isn’t it? You feel a bit funny, well I did, like, should I really get this, am I that bad etc, the answer is yes, you didn’t asked for this **** disease, I had the same information from medical people just like you, and I got it, no problem, it took 11 weeks for a desicion, but they write to you half way through just to say they are still looking into it, don’t worry, they are just keeping you informed. I’ve had MS for 17yrs, and didn’t claim untill 8yrs later, so they can see you have tried on your own for all that time, it’s not like you was diagnosed 2 weeks ago, and put a claim straight in, where ther isn’t alot of evidence on you. I got mobility 4 yrs ago, and opted for the car, which is a massive help, as I can’t walk that far. Have you put in for this also? I think it will be fine, if not appeal straight away. Good luck xx

Dear H,

I don’t want to upset you but I can probably answer your question.

Expect to get turned down.

It’s harsh I know but it’s better to be prepared. So many people get turned down on a first application that you might almost think it’s a policy. The important thing is not to give up. Don’t get into the mindset of thinking that a refusal means that you are not worthy. Far from it. A VERY high % of people are successful at appeal. With your decision letter will be a form to fill in. You have only have 4 weeks so get it in asap and don’t give up. Take a look at (£20.00 a year) for excellent guides to DLA appeals


Thanks for the replies… I’ve read a few threads about DLA so have a better idea of what (or not) to expect so guess I will wait and see! I know they wrote to my MS nurse cos she told me -I gave several health professionals on the form - do they write to all of them? Or just pick the most obvious?

If I am not successful I will definitely appeal as been struggling with so much in last 12 months.

Thanks again

H x