DLA claim

I wonder if anyone can give me some advice. I recently applied for a blue badge through the CAB and was successful without the need for an assessment. I was then encouraged to claim for dla which I didn’t do at the time as it took over an hour to do the blue badge form with the advisor at the time and I just can’t cope with more than one issue at a time that I find stressful etc. Anyway I filled the form in at home beautifully typed as it was downloaded straight onto my laptop and I included a short report from my ms nurse specialist. I had until June 10th this year to claim it before pip came into effect in my area. I got a letter today saying sorry it’s taking so long (only been 2 weeks) but they have written to my ms nurse specialist for a report. My neuro retired in May and I haven’t met my new one yet, not due to see him until next year. Does this now mean that because they know I have ms that I won’t need an assessment as they know I won’t get better? What will they ask my nurse? Has anyone else had this happen? Thanks x

Hi When I applied they requested a report from my neuro AND even after that I still had to have have a medical assessment done by a doctor at my home. I don’t think just because you have MS you automatically qualify. Good luck though I hope you get the help you need Mini x

I work with the CAB as a volunteer when I do the form I usuallly do it over a number of visits lets the person have a good think about what to put down also it is good for me as I couldn’t sit for three hours going over it, also DLA is now gone it is PIP was told this on Friday when I was working at CAB, go back to CAB and explain they can do it piece by piece .

No advice as such but wanted to say pleased you got tge blue badge as remember you saying you weren’t sure you would. I got refused. … apparently 800 yards is too far doesn’t matter that although I can walk that it’s uncomfortable from the outset and my walking ability changes depending on weather, fatigue etc oh and throw a three year old into that too.very annoyed … apparently ive no right to appeal either. Oh well suppose I sgkul be grateful I can walk 800yards despite the foot slapping and heaviness of legs. Xxxxxx

Aw hun that is so not fair! Fingers crossed this govt will make the changes we need xxx