Blue Badge and Critical Illness rant

I haven’t driven for months, I felt too unwell but I took the car out last week and managed to control it and I really enjoyed the feeling of being behind the wheel again.

My Blue Badge turned up today and I don’t know why I’m sad, as it will be a massive help to me getting around.

I think I feel a bit labelled, or maybe I’m just knackered from the rigmarole of trying to work round physical challenges.

I thought the form for DLA was a behatch but the form I got today to ask for a waive of premium for my critical illness cover makes a passport applicant look lame. I am temped to write to them and congratulate them on making being ill even more awkward.

I don’t just think it’s being ill makes it all diificult and exhausting…I think many of the processes are designed to put you off or exhaust you.

Ok I’m finished now…does anyone agree? feel a bit like a lone ranger today

Agree completely. Take for example a driving license. When you inform the DVLA that you have MS it is reviewed every 3 years, as is Disability Living Allowance. I think that one contradicts the other in that the DVLA are expecting your symptons to get worse and prevent you from driving and the DLA is expecting you to get better. I have an idea, can’t the two departments work together therefore cutting down on paperwork and needless form filling by me for something that is not going to disappear. It takes enough effort to still try and run a household and work without worrying about losing more of your independance or wasting time on paperwork.

Please don’t do what I did when I got my blue badge, forgot to put it up one day; as I’d already used it near the doctor’s. I was fined £30, I appealed by the letter of support from my doctor cost me £15. Another reason I’m glad I don’t drive any more!

Wendy x

Know how you feel! I forgot to read the small print in a car park that said blue badge holders go free, but turns out only in disabled spaces, and as they were further away from where we were going parked in a normal space. £25 fine which was rejected on appeal!

I find the whole form filling thing is deliberate to stop you claiming. I’ve just got ESA but I am hopefully going back to work next month. I want to apply for DLA but I can’t face up to how things are for me on a bad day. I am excellent at window dressing so things don’t look too bad. My MS nurse thinks I don’t qualify as I can walk more than 200m. Yes I can, but the majority of the time I am pushing a pram and i can’t walk anywhere near like I used too. I can get the kids to school but get wobbly on the way back. It stops me doing lots of things I used to that I took for granted, ironing, baking (I can’t believe I now have to buy cake), socialising (any form of interaction after about an hour tires me out), swimming (the humidity at the pool is a killer). I just want a little bit extra to make things a bit easier for me. How come my aunt who has rheumatoid arthritis can walk as far as me and gets it?

Don’t do what I did either and accidentally park in a disabled space sans blue badge - I was more mortified that people would think I was generally despicable than the fine! In my defence I was desperate for a wee, and it was in the middle of nowhere between a bunch of normo spaces - I even paid the appalling parking meter charge! Oh well, live you learn lol