blue badge

Hi just a quick question Has anybody had to have a medical for a blue badge ? I have just had a quick read through the form and because i dont Claim dla it said i may have to have one . Really dont fancy sitting there why sombody takes down notes about me its really putting me off and makes me think it Might be easier to just struggle on :confused: has anybody else had to have one ? Thanks X x

ask if they will accept a letter from your doctor.

i’d be lost without mine.

on good days i could walk from a normal parking space but i need to open my car door as wide as it goes in order to get out.

then again on good days i tend to overdo things to the point where i wouldnt make it back to a normal parking space.

good luck

carole x

I think it depends on the council if you don’t claim DLA. Some have a “medical” and others will accept a letter from your GP. I know it seems an intrusion speaking to someone about your needs/disabilities but you shouldn’t let that put you off. If you need the blue badge you should get one and bubbles to how you have to get it.

I don’t want to sound unfeeling but sitting there while someone takes notes about you is pretty much par for the course. OTs, physios, adult services, ATOS – the list is endless. Just about any organization that want to give you anything or provide a service will want to check you out. It’s nothing to worry about. Just look at them as the gatekeepers stopping people who don’t really need a blue badge from getting one. Lets face it if it was just a form every Tom, Dick and Harry would have one.

May I ask why you don’t claim DLA?

Your Dr should be able to write a letter or approve the badge, mine did. Soooo useful used it twice today. Only parked for 10 mins in each place but would have taken an hour if I’d had to park in normal place and walk, not to mention the pain.

Just apply and say worst case.

Jen x

I had one last spring. The nurse was very friendly asked about my walking, relapses, meds and why I thought a disabled blue badge would help me. As well as being able to park nearer, she was keen to hear about getting in and out of the car, I said that as I use a stick the extra space would help to fully open the door as you need both feet on the floor ect. I also mentioned fatigue as another reason that getting nearer to places would be beneficial. She was happy with my answers and told me at the meeting that she would be recommending me for a blue badge. So just be honest think of the benefits to you and take a repeat prescription stub to prove meds. You’ll be fine x

Thanks everybody , Im going to apply ive thought about it and although i would feel a bit like a monkey in a zoo it would help me out so much and i would be cutting off my nose despite my face if i didnt. my ms nurse urged me to get one and to claim dla but im just going to apply for my badge for now maybe i will get used to all this medical buisness in time eh lol :slight_smile: , thanks xx

I havent applied for DLA and I got my blue badge approved after a medical. I had to walk, and I did so as I do on my worst days, and I took my toddler son so they could see what I was dealing with every day.