Blue Badge

I have an appointment on friday to see about getting the blue badge. It’s standard practise where I live to have a face to face meeting so that they know the genuine person is applying!

I just wondered if anyone had any experience with this as I hate going into situations in the dark, and have absolutely no idea what to expect!

Thanks all


I had the face to face interview a few years ago and the lady I saw was lovely. In fact it was the ‘blue badge lady’ who advised me to apply for DLA - which I was subsequently awarded so I now get the badge automatically.

Hi Freckles,

Sorry can’t help with face to face application. I filled the 20 pages in online and put every single appointment/ medication addition and change/ orthotics stuff and gym on referral sessions. Told them I’d just bought an automatic car as couldn’t chage gear with weak left leg and that I live 5 miles from nearest shop. Think I over did it with the info but they just sent me the badge in the post.

Advice would be to take as much information as you can with you. ~tell them what you are like at your worst . ( I can walk into a supermarket holding onto a trolley but almost crawl out. )

Have everything written down to remind you - take a copy of your prescription.

Are there places you have to go to which would be impossible without a blue badge (dr/hospital etrc)

Good luck, let us know how you get on.

Jen x

Everyone has to get their blue badge in person now…they take your photograph.

My application was a formality because I’m on high level DLA.

Good luck, Noreen xxx

I applied for a blue badge & received a letter saying as I dont automatically qualify, I have an appointment to see someone on 17th December… I also have no idea what to expect but will be takig everything with me. Although my licence has been revoked, I believe I can give it to whoever is driving me to say the hospital etc but I’m not sure. I’ve yet to see an MS nurse, it’s still all early days for me

Pip - you don’t have to be a driver to be given a blue badge. You can use it whenever anyone else drives you anywhere. One provisio though - you cannot park in a disabled bay with a blue badge if you are staying in the vehicle :slight_smile:

My license has been revoked…I can use it in any car I’m in

I went for a face-to-face about 12 months ago. The lady was lovely and took me a little walk to see how I was on my pins and whether or not I got breathlesss. I failed the test and came home without a badge. The lady advised me that I had no chance of getting one if I didn’t use walking aids and had no meds but told me to re-apply if things got worse. I re-applied online about 4 weeks ago and got an email to go for another face-to-face last Thursday. I arrived to find they had double-booked me so had a telephone assessment instead. I had taken copies of my last 2 neuro appointment letters, doctor’s letters written to my employers asking if I could park near the building and my steroids. I told them truthfully that I didn’t use a stick but used my partner’s arm when I’m out and about and always used the shopping trolleys to lean on in the supermarkets. I rest often and now really do get breathless when I walk. I told them that my balance is poor, I get dizziness and nausea and regular bouts of fatigue. I got the badge through the post on Monday, Yay!

Just tell the truth and take as much eveidence of your condition as you can. They’re just doing a job and you really do not have anything to be frightened or worried about…honestly!

Good luck with your application. xx

Hi All

thanks for all the replies, love coming on here with any questions because you always seem to have the answers!

I’ve been awarded the higher rate of DLA so hopefully will qualify for the badge, but did wonder would I have to walk in front of them etc. I could try to do it without the use of my stick, but I’m sure they would give it to me if I did a face plant in front of them!

I’ll let you know how I get on!

Kepp well


Morning All

Hope you are keeping as well as can be.

Well I went to my appointmet for the badge armed with just about everything I could think of. (Couldn’t carry the kitchen sink or would probably have taken that too!)

Was seen by a lovely lady had to fill in one form and have a photo taken, (I looked a bit like a criminal in the photo the lady told me not to smile which gave me the giggles and we both ended up laughing so much her coleagues came over to see what was happening. Think I cause chaos wherever I go!)

It turns out that I had aready been awarded the badge and she had a confirmation letter ready to give me. It will take about a week for the badge to reach me, then there’ll be no stopping me. Look out shops I’m coming your way!

Happy days!

Freckles x

happy for you Freckles :slight_smile:

After reading your post, I also took as much info as I could get my hands on ie doctors letters, neurological diagnosis, repeat prescription, letters from access to work, I.D, proof of address to name a few.

I had to get a taxi there as even though I have been given my disables bus pass I had no idea which busses when where & I’m too weak to stand at bus stops or walk very far without pain.

The man I saw was real nice but I think I was overloading him with the paperwork I’d taken lol

As it’s all still so raw with me, having pain for a year, being diagnosed in october, having my driving licence revoked a week or so ago & lots of other stressful things going on for me at the moment, I ended up in tears when he told me he will be issuing me with a badge!! silly me with my emotions all over the shop!

but at least if I’m able to get a lift or a day out with family/friends then I can use the blue badge :slight_smile:

Well done Freckles, wondered how you got on. Well done Pip too.

Do think they should weed out all the people that aren’t eligible - more spaces for people who do need them.

Happy blue badge people.

Jen x

It just goes to show how they do things so differently in different areas.

I did my appliction online and had to sent them a photo & proof of diagnosis online. BUT had to collect the badge in person unless extra paid for registered postage.

Glad all’s sorted tho

Sonia x

I re-applied for my badge online earlier this month 4th December as its due to expire on the 23rd Dec and I sent all the necessary documents by post, it gave me a tracking number to track my application online, yesterday when I looked it said my application had been recieved on the 4/12/13 yet today when I’ve looked it says application not recognised :-/ I’m wondering if this is because it’s been approved? It’s a bit of a job isn’t it Sue x

I had a face to face interview for my Blue Badge…nothing to get worried about…infact the very nice assessor told me “We can’t cure you, the least we can do is give you a Blue Badge” nice to know some people understand.

good luck…Don’t worry!